June 25, 2018

The Price We Pay for Greatness (an Homage to the KotB Flag revisited)

THE SCENE: A pleasant 75°, cloudy skies, air was a bit wet…

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: There was much disclaiming – an attorney was present to make sure all i’s were crossed and all t’s were dotted.

* SSH x25 IC
* Large Arm Circles x15 IC / reverse
* Daisy Pickers x15 IC
* Break into groups of 6-7 (three teams) for an Indian run to the pavilion, “leave the CMUs in the lot, don’t need them yet…”
* At pavilion, “oops, first time Q’ing, my bad – we do need the CMUs, so since we need to go back, we’ll reverse Indian run back to the lot…” *YHC chuckles to self at the groaning*

The shovel Flag was placed at near end of the field and the KotB flag at the far end.

Part 1:
* Squat w/ coupon x10
* Coupon curl x10
* Overhead tricep extension w/ coupon x10
* Throw your coupon as far as you can in the direction of the KotB flag (bench-press throw from the chest, no slinging it). Run to it’s landing spot. Repeat circuit until the KotB flag is reached.
* Once each PAX has completed the task hold plank or Al Gore. YHC was somewhat disappointed in the lack of mumblechatter at this point, but was pleased by the amount of heavy breathing.

Part 2:
All PAX gather their CMUs and mosey (not a slow mosey, let’s move!) back to start flag. PAX on their sixes in a circle, shoulder to shoulder, facing outward, holding coupon. Starting with the PAX on YHC’s right every other PAX discard their coupon. On Q’s command begin passing coupons overhead in the clockwise direction until Q decides they’ve had enough. Rinse and repeat in the opposite direction. YHC was quite pleased at the groaning during this exercise.

Part 3:
We had a couple of extra minutes before Mary, so what else does a Clydesdale on Q decide to do than another Indian Run – this time a race between the three teams to the pavilion and back. At the half-way point, YHC realized why he was considered a Clydesdale and not a gazelle, but pushed through. (*Special note: this was not YHC’s favorite part of the workout, but Shoestring said he almost started sweating by this point, so YHC considers that a win.)

Dealers Choice. Each exercise was required to be led IC by the PAX called on by the Q.
Orange Julius – WW1 situps, ICx10
Woodpecker – Big boy setups, ICx10
Commie – plank (2 mins) (*Special note to self: never call on Commie for Mary again…)
Shoestring – ABCs

17 PAX, 2FNGs (G-String, Lukewarm), Four Eyes, Bootheel, Wall Builder, Choker, Giant, Green Monstah, Woodpecker, Teacher’s Pet, Shoestring, Gus, Orange Julius, Carport, Commie, Jasmine, Zima

We all try to be the best in all we do, but we have to admit we each have strengths & weaknesses. This past Saturday I participated in my first Goruck challenge, a Light. The thing that struck me the most was not my weaknesses, of which I was already aware, but how my weaknesses were balanced by the team; likewise how my strengths benefited the team. Early on, during the BC portion, my weaknesses were revealed – lack of core strength and cardio. But the later 2/3 of the event I was able to use my strengths to help the team, which include carrying heavy loads and grinding out miles. There were few there that were strong in both aspects – most had specific areas in which they excelled.

The same is true in our lives – relationally, in our work, in our spiritual life. For example, while I’m generally a gregarious person, I’m a happy introvert for the most part. I’m not very social and don’t rely on social interaction to feel validated, important etc. I consider that a strength. But on the flip side, it also means that I’m not naturally motivated to reach out to new people and make them feel welcome, such as visitors at church or new neighbors. It’s simply not a strength of mine, in fact I’d consider it a weakness regarding helping people see Jesus in my life.

So this weekend I walked away from the Goruck event feeling happy that I survived, that I earned the patch, but more importantly, I emerged more aware of the fact that I have weaknesses that I need to address in all parts of my life – if I wish to be the best HIM I can be, I need to be proactive in working to improve my ability to help people see Jesus.

Prayed for Granola’s health, he’s hurt and unable to post, and Teacher’s Pet’s neighbor, Ed, who is having surgery.

It made me proud that some PAX had planned to celebrate my VQ with a cooler full of Zimas – I had literally never had one in my life (and quite honestly could have gone another (almost) 46 years without tasting one), but enjoyed it nonetheless as my brothers brought them out in celebration. Cheers!

Shameless plug for the Arlington AO launch on Tuesday, July 3rd, will be offering BC workouts on T and F each week.

Reminder that on Wednesday, July 4th we are having a convergence at the Mother Ship.