April 19, 2018

The Price We Pay for Greatness (an Homage to the KotB Flag)

THE SCENE: The weather was calm. Temperature a mild 47 degrees. The excitement was thick yet fork tender. 16 PAX showed up hungry for victory. Their appetites would soon be satisfied.



*       SSH x20 IC
*       Large Arm Circles x10 IC / reverse
*       ISW x15 IC (YHC’s personal fav)
*       Daisy Pickers x10 IC


The shovel Flag was placed at near end of the field and the KotB flag at the far end. This geographically short distance would soon prove to be a physiological mile. The PAX partnered up at the shovel flag for moral support and encouragement only. The pleasure of sharing the workload was not afforded this gloom.

*       Overhead Press w/ coupon x1
*       Coupon Row x1
*       Squat w/ coupon x1
*       Violently hurl your coupon as far as you can in the direction of the KotB flag. Advance to it’s landing spot.
*       Repeat circuit, adding an additional rep of all three exercises to each successive circuit, and launching coupon in the same direction each time until the KotB flag is reached.
*       Once a team has completed the task collect your coupons and fall in with a remaining team. All PAX WILL finish together.

Halfway through this nonsensical event YHC was serenaded with the sweet and satisfying sounds grown men in glorious pain as we made our way down the sweat soaked field toward the greatness of the KotB colors. The sensation felt by YHC was like biting into a York peppermint patty. Tree hugger must have been getting pretty gassed near the end when he modified down by breaking his CMU in half. Good thinking.

Pt. 2:
PAX on their sixes in a circle, shoulder to shoulder, facing outward, holding coupon. Starting with the PAX on YHC’s right every other PAX discard their coupon. On YHC’s command begin passing coupons in the clockwise direction until Q’s coupon makes two full revolutions then reverse. Rinse and repeat.

Cobains to Granola for bringing the world’s largest CMU to this morning’s shenanigans.

On the flip side, Zima had the bright idea to perform an overhead press every time Granolas ridiculous CMU came around to him and the rest of the PAX observable by YHC quickly followed suit. It hurt. A lot.

One impromptu lap around the lot to kill a few minutes. This is where YHC learned that Bob Ross was a STUNNING runner. Seriously. He was like… like a beautiful gazelle. It was quite breathtaking. Tclaps, Bob Ross.

Dealers Choice. Each exercise was required to be led IC by the PAX called on by the Q starting with…
– Big Boi situps – Bad Credit
– Makhtar N’Diayes – Zima
– LBFC – Bob Ross
– Freddie Mercury – Moana

16 PAX. No FNGs. Soulja Boy on Q; Slots; Galaxy; Bubblegum; Moana; Tree Hugger; Bob Ross; Sleep Number; Choker; Woodpecker; Jasmine; Bad Credit; Orange Julius; Zima; Granola; Mr. Wonderfull


In ministering to my M lately, YHC has come to learn a lot on the area of Christian suffering as well as patience on the part of the one ministering.

It is part of God’s plan that we experience suffering and trials of various kinds. Especially those who are called to be His. Scripture is full of detailed accounts of godly men who experience deep real suffering.
– King David
– Paul
– Jesus

Why is our suffering part of God’s plan?

– Heb 2:10; 5:8-9 Our master and savior’s obedience was made perfect through suffering.
– Much in the same way our obedience is more substantial and meaningful in times when we have denied ourselves and persevered trials with our hearts set on the joy of Gods promises in doing so. That experience for us is one of God’s mediums to bring about our sanctification. Rom 5:3-5

– Because the real goal of salvation is for us to become more Christ like, then If Christ’s obedience was made perfect through suffering and Christians experience suffering, then it stands to reason (Rom 5:3-5) that, in our suffering, our obedience will also made perfect one day since we are being made more and more into the image of Christ.
– The implications are HUGE. This means that our suffering is doing something eternally significant for us. 2cor 4:16-18

– I was struggling with the decision of whether or not to share this with the PAX this morning, not knowing if it would really be of encouragement to anyone. I decided in favor because, lately, we have had several of our own experience significant suffering in heartache, loss of loved ones, sickness and injury, and most significantly, if we are followers of Christ we will inevitably experience persecution for His namesake.
– these are things that ought to be on the forefront of our hearts and minds as we bear one another’s burdens within F3, our families, the church, and in our communities.

Super pumped to see Bubblegum back.
Kotters to Galaxy.
Good to see you as always, creeper van.

– This Saturday is Q School at the Mothership! Shoestring will be teaching us the essentials of leading an F3 workout.  No, that doesn’t mean it will be an easy day. Come out at and hone your Q skills.

-SOS Service Project Sat 5/5 – We’re lending a hand to Handsy, helping SOS get their facilities ready for their summer campers. Read the preblast for all the details.

– Growruck coming to Memphis – see this weeks preblast for deets.