July 20, 2019


THE SCENE:   (scroll text and play some dramatic music while looking off into the dark void of space) When last we saw our faithful F3 PAX they had just been decimated by the Evil Lord Mudpants and his ability to dominate the Ultimate game. Weeks later the rebel PAX, led by Sonic Skywalker, have reassembled on a planet with a 100% humidity in an attempt to dethrone MUDPANTS as the ULTIMATE SITH LORD!

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Message delivered. “Help me Obiwan Kenobi you’re my only hope.” Or something like that.

WARM-O-RAMA: SSH IC x20 Clearly these PAX are here to storm into battle not warmorama so this time is mostly used to try and convince the PAX that YHQ hates Star Wars movies.

Imperial walkers IC x15 Abruptly ended to make sure the PAX understand that YHQ hates Star Wars prequels.

SSH IC x10 With a follow up about how low of an opinion YHQ holds of Star Wars movies.

Clearly the Pax are starting to receive the crucial message that YHQ does not love Star Wars.

Count off PAX into 2 uneven divisions of perfect unity… and hand them over to Gomer for a Storm Trooper cadence march to the battle field.

4 eight min quarters of Ultimate and a Halftime show for all the sad clowns in the park. With all the drops and scoring making our storm trooper PAX do public penalties of pain.

  • When the frisbee drops = penalty merkins or squats are performed (swap each quarter).
  • When your team scores = sprint to endzone and do 5 Aww Yeahs (loudly).
  • When your team is scored on = lunge walk to endzone and do 5 merkins (sadly).
  • Halftime show = 26 pax in the middle of the field, walking in a 50ft circle, doing imperial walkers IC, while half the PAX were singing the Imperial March. (generated audible laughs from the park walkers passing by) Then 10 burpees because there is always one act you hate in a halftime show.
  • A repeat of the message that YHQ didn’t like Star Wars was included in the Halftime ads and the PAX seem to believe that YHQ truly dislikes Star Wars.
  • 50 min into this massacre YHQ put a halt to Darth Mudpants and his Imperial troops slaughtering the Rebels (6-3 final but who’s counting). Yes, there were epic Mudpant’s sliding catches. Yes, there were amazing Sonic runouts.  Yes, there were flips and crashes and lots and lots of merkins and squats… but if you really want to know how much fun it was POST NEXT TIME and be a part of the epic saga of Darth Mudpants! (We really have to find a way to defeat him!)
  • Mosey back to Startex

Flutter kicks till all in and that was all the time we had.

26 PAX – (3 FNGs) Gomer, Heathen (FNG), Tremor, Photoshop, Drifter, Orange Julius, Potter, Rainbow Warrior, Boy Named Sue (FNG), Mudpants, Lager, Beetus, Dawson, Teacher’s Pet, Implants (FNG), Chyna, Pirtle, Paralegal, Latener, Hot-N-Ready, Ratio, Phat Pat, Speedy, Sonic, Ricky Bobby, GunShow (QIC).
The repetition of a message is useful to make us beleive something. By telling the PAX multiple times in one morning that I dislike parts of, or entire Star Wars movies, they started to believe YHQ was not a fan – even tho I am a huge fan of Star Wars. Just by repeating a similar message several times, the PAX started to beleive my message. Yet the most repeated phrase in the Bible (60+ times) is, “do not be afraid”. Everyday we know God wants us to trust in him and not worry.  We need to listen to the message of “do not be afraid” and truly apply it to our daily walk.
Need to take water down to the field next time… this workout/game in the heat really seems to sap folks. YHQ is still bad at calling cadence, but getting better and enjoying it.
Oh yeah Tiger Lilly moved… hopefully all his food and beverages were consumed.