August 29, 2018

The Pavilion Seven

Warm and Muggy; a typical Memphis morning


Side straddle hops x 20
Daisy pickers x 20
Imperial walkers x 20
Arm circles (forward and reverse)  x 20

The Cockpit has a nice pavilion with a concrete floor and concrete benches which provides many exercise opportunities.  The workout started with a mosey lap around the track (about one-half mile).  Q setup 7 areas inside the pavilion with a specific exercise.  We had 4 PAX for the workout; each one started at a an exercise area and we rotated clockwise until the PAX completed each exercise.  Each exercise was 20 reps; sitting on the wall was a 60 second count.  The seven exercises were calf raises (with CMU), lunges (2=1), derkins, erkins, shoulder press (with CMU), box jumps, and sitting on the wall.  After each exercise was completed, we did a rinse-and-repeat except the reps were reduced to 15 reps and sitting on the wall was reduced to 30 seconds; PAX rotated to each exercise until they were all completed.  After the second round was completed, PAX moseyed to the tennis court; PAX bear crawled around the tennis court.  When bear crawls were completed, PAX ran backwards along the shorter portion of the tennis court and sprinted along the longer portion of the tennis court; one lap was completed.  PAX then moseyed the remaining portion of the Cockpit track.

Flutter kicks x 25

4 PAX (No FNGs):  Poplar, Wall Builder, Short Timer, Tree Hugger

I shared the improvement that I have seen in my own fitness since beginning F3 in March.  Every time you make it to an F3 workout you always improve; it may not always feel that way, but you are always making progress when you show up.

I didn’t recognize Poplar when he first showed up (he was a few minutes late); it wasn’t until near the end of the workout that I recognized him as someone I knew and we discovered he actually lives down the street from Short Timer.  It was good to have Poplar at the Cockpit; we discussed the possibility about doing a Black Ops in Atoka.