September 2, 2019

The Obstacle is the Way

THE SCENE: es war ein guter Morgen

Daisy Pickers IC 15, Windmills IC 15, Imperial Walkers IC 15
Mosey Lap. Elevens, squats and flutters kicks separated by 30 yards.

Modified Bombs: 50 BBS, 100 Overhead Claps, 150 Mountain Climbers, 200 LBCs, 250 Calf Raises.

2nd Mosey Lap.


Flutter Kicks IC 20, Dying Cockroach IC 15, WWI situps IC 15
Choker, Miracle Ear, Carport, Orange Julius (QIC)

The following is adapted from “The Obstacle is the Way” by Ryan Holiday.

What is defeat? Nothing but education; nothing but the first steps to something better.-Wendell Phillips.

It doesn’t matter whether this is the worst time to be alive or the best, whether you’re in a good job market or a bad one, or that the obstacle you face is intimidating or burdensome. What matters is that right now is right now.

The implications of our obstacle are theoretical-they exist in the past and the future. We live in the moment. And the more we embrace that, the easier the obstacle will be to face and move.

You can take the trouble you’re dealing with and use it as an opportunity to focus on the present moment. To ignore the totality of your situation and learn to be content with what happens, as it happens. To have no “way” that the future needs to be to confirm your predictions, because you didn’t make any. To let each new moment be a refresh wiping clear what came before and what others were hoping would come next.

You’ll find the method that works best for you, but there are many things that can pull you into the present moment: Strenuous exercise. unplugging. A walk in the park. Meditation.

One thing is certain. It’s not simply a matter of saying” Oh, I’ll live in the present.” You have to work at it. Catch your mind when it wanders–don’t let it get away from you. Discard distracting thoughts. Leave things well enough alone-no matter how much you feel like doing otherwise.

But it’s easier when the choice to limit your scope feels like editing rather than acting. Remember that this moment is not your life, its just a moment in your life. Focus on what is in front of you, right now. Ignore what it ‘represents” or it “means” or “why it happened to you.”

There is plenty else going on right here to care about any of that.



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