May 12, 2018

The next 90 feet of your life.


The Lair: 66 degrees , humid with a mountain of gloom

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Including what is the Mission of F3

*SSH x20 IC
*Imperial Walkers (in motion-moving-as a unit in a clockwise rotation) x20 IC
*Hill Billies (in motion-moving-as a unit in a clockwise rotation) x20 IC
**SSH x20 IC

THA-THANG:  Partners
Part 1

Mosey: 1 lap around the lake=.5 mile

Reconvene at nearby MPF (Multi-Purpose Field):

  • YHC created a baseball diamond using cones. Added an agility ladder at home plate leading to 1stB. Used 1 dice (singular) with numbers 1-4 written on each of the 6 sides.
  • PAX lined up in a single file line.
  • PAX 1 (YHC) got the party started by rolling the dice. Whatever it landed on is the number of bases YHC would sprint to and wait while doing Squats until next PAX in line rolled the dice.  Once the batter was on base then the next batter would roll the dice. The agility ladder was strategically placed on the base path leading from home plate to first and it was intended to have the men be intentional and focused as they came out of the batter’s box and sprinted with everything they had to 1st base and beyond, as dictated by the rolling of the dice.
  • All PAX in line did Squat, Lunge and Plank variations while they waited their turns.  If a 4 (home run) was rolled then the PAX who rolled it called out an exercise (burpees, merkins, etc.) and quantity of reps that the remaining PAX would perform and complete before the batter returned and crossed home plate.
  • Ex: If YHC rolled 3, YHC would sprint to 3rd Base and do squats. If the PAX who rolled next rolled a 2 then YHC would sprint home while the PAX who rolled the 2 sprinted to 2nd Base.  However, the PAX already on base would only advance the number of bases that the ‘batter’ behind him rolled. Sometimes that would advance a runner to home plate.
  • After 2 innings of all the batters rolling the dice YHC led the PAX on a mosey around the perimeter of the yuge MPF. Upon returning, YHC called for some R&R as the PAX looked tired; however, lil’ did they know R&R meant Rinse & Repeat so they ran another lap around the MPF and ended back at home plate.
  • Picking back up, 2 more innings were played and 2 more laps around the MPF were enjoyed.The PAX went all-out for the final inning with one PAX hitting a dinger and the entire team ran the bases with him and we all celebrated at home plate with high fives and fist bumps all around.

*Big Boy Sit-Ups x20 IC
*Flutter Kicks x20 IC
*Box Cutters (F) x10 IC
**Box Cutters (R) x10 IC

9; Nature Boy, Reboot, Extended Stay, Skids, Bombay, C-Lo, 2 FNG (Hobo and Pull-Up) O Positive (YHC).


*”Who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings.”~Ephesians 1:3

**YHC shared some Spurgeon with the PAX:

‘All the goodness of the past, the present, and the future, Christ bestows upon his people…The bloody sweat, the scourge, the cross, are ours forever.  Whatever blissful consequences flow from perfect obedience, finished atonement, resurrection, ascension, or intercession, all are ours by his own gift.  Upon his breastplate he is now bearing our names; and in his authoritative pleadings at the throne he remembers our persons and pleads our cause.  Moreover, Christ’s sovereignty depends upon his resurrection, “For to this end Christ both died, and rose, and revived, that he might be Lord both of the dead and the living.” “He was delivered for our offences, and was raised again for our justification.” If Christ be not risen, then shall we not rise; but if he be risen they they who are asleep in Christ have not perished, but in their flesh shall surely behold their God. ‘


***PAX prayers were lifted up.

One of YHC back-to-basic beatdowns.  Still recovering from a jacked up left wrist and a turnt groin YHC delivered a simple-yet effective HIIT beatdown with a healthy dose of running and a plethora of squats.  In the COT, prompting the BC theme, YHC made reference to his recent meeting MLB legend, Steve Garvey, of the LA Dodgers. Garvey was the ‘IronMan’ of the National League and played through pain, injury, etc to the tune of over 1,200 straight games at 1stB; spanning 9 years. His message was clear that what he is most disappointed with in the sport of baseball, in particular,  these days is that “guy’s don’t know how to or even want to run 90 feet anymore’. 90 feet-that measurement of one base to the next; in this case, from home plate to 1st Base. Where is the effort these days? Line out, pop fly, ground ball…players-men-no longer put the effort in when they face the inevitable adversity of ‘failing’.  Men will not always meet their desired objective-especially if they do not put in the work, effort, time, training, discipline—sure as heck won’t score if they never run through the bag.

YHC challenged himself and the PAX to strongly consider what is holding us back from giving everything we’ve got-to our wives, families, children, marriages, jobs, community-for the next 90 feet.

What’s holding you back, brothers?


>YHC will be hosting a new 3rdF small-group at his home in East Memphis, meeting at 0630 on Wednesday mornings, after BC-starting 5/23/18.  All are welcome. Free coffee.