November 28, 2019

The Neverland 6

    • 80*F (probably), and windy.


    • Burpees 10x IC
    • Monkey walk 10x
    • SSH 10x IC
    • Carry kettlebells, barbell plates, and hex bar to visit the 6 stations (below)


    The PAX who completed the most rounds (Bobsled at 6 rounds) ran 4 laps around the parking lot while the rest of the PAX bear crawled 1 lap.

    • 6 PAX, 0-ish FNGs (depends on who you ask, apparently): Bobsled, Granola, Liberace, Toucan, Turnpike, Zima

    • This was the first of my three Qs for the Q3 Challenge I issued to fellow PAX who participated in the recent GORUCK Veterans Day GORUCK Tough and Light Challenges. The idea behind the Q3 Challenge is that CSAUP events can teach us a lot about ourselves and the human condition and that these lessons likely have applications beyond our small little lives.

      In fact, I only do these challenges to learn and grow. From the few GORUCK events I’ve done, I quickly learned that these crucible-like events are not about individual achievement, but teamwork. Just like in life, it’s not about you. So, I trained myself and others to be strong team players: Stay with the group. Look for ways to help others. Do everything together. Don’t be too proud to ask for help. Mission first. Men always.

      Those were my expectations. That was not how the events played out. Many evolutions were self-paced. Without the threat of penalties, help was not often needed or accepted. I was frustrated with how laid back things were going. But, again, just like life, this event wasn’t about me. This was the first event for some of us and they were enjoying it as much as one could enjoy it.

      In hindsight, I realized my frustrations with the event had nothing to do with the event itself and everything to do with the tightly-held expectations I had about the event. So much of my unhappiness is not caused by what happens to me, but by the expectations I have about what I think should or should not happen to me.

      As we enter the Thanksgiving season, take a moment to examine your expectations (hint: expectations typically feature the word should). See which expectations, if any, might be robbing you of your joy this season.

    • Wall walks are more difficult than I remember. The rep counts should have been 5 Wall Walks, or 15 Pike Presses, or 30 Carolina Dry Docks. Next time.
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