May 12, 2019

The Most Mediocre VQ by El Bano

THE SCENE: Partially cloudy, temperature of about 67 degrees.

20 Side-straddle hops IC, 20 Daisy pickers IC, 30 arm circles, 15 each way IC, 20 Windmills IC, 20 Empirical walkers IC. 


  • Merkin Mile
  • Wallsit Leapfrog with merkins: line up in wall sit. First in line drops and performs 10 merkins, then runs to end of line. Next person must wait until previous person is in position before they can begin their merkins.
  • Sprint around building.
  • Wallsit leapfrog with 10 CMU curls.
  • Sprint around building
  • Plank Leapfrog: similar concept, but with planks. Line up in plank position. First person jumps up and does 3 squats, then jumps over next person in line. Process repeats until everyone has gone through.
  • Sprint around building.
  • 2 Sets of Tony Allens

20 Freddie Mercurys IC, ABCs IC, 20 Oblique twist IC, Boat-Canoe, 20 Flutterkicks IC, Circle of Pain
9 PAX – Bailout, El Bano, Gun show, Photoshop, Mudpants, Gomer, Pillsbury, Gepetto, Tomb Raider.
As a planner, I often times will create my own agenda, and have expectations for things to go my way. Sometimes when God’s plan is different from my own, it’s a struggle for me to adjust to what he has in store. But after going through my trials, I’m reminded that His ways are better than my ways, and His vision is greater than my own. I invite everyone here to always have faith in God that He will take care of you and guide you down the right path, even when is difficult to do so.