March 25, 2019

The Man in the Woods

THE SCENE: Occasional sprankles. Dark. In other words, perfect conditions for some fitness, fellowship, and faith.



A few PAX had HC’d but were not there at 0630. We took a courtesy lap counter-clockwise around the lake. Then we headed down the trail towards Shelby Farms. We met a large mob of deer, maybe 10 of them, grazing on the trash grass on the landfill. We turned around at Walnut Grove and headed back, then made another lap around the lake, pushing the pace on the last quarter mile or so. We ended up at an 8:57 pace, 3.96 miles. 

Seven PAX, no FNGs

YHC heard an older, faithful man this weekend teach on pastoring. He was encouraging us to not neglect our communion with God. Then he said, “Don’t come at people with a mind; come at them with your heart.” As men, it’s tempting to do this in pastoral work and it’s also tempting to do this in your marriage and parenting. Don’t come at your wife and kids with just your mind. They need your heart – your care, conviction, and love. 

Good conversation about, among other things: smoking steaks, Pirtle’s family and his new run-only lifestyle, living with a seal, ridiculous trail runs, and the Crucible. Major TCLAPS to Watchita for being the first and only PAX to run the Green Mile immediately after joining Club 345.

As we were enjoying our coffee, Slots jogged up from the Greenway trail. He alleges that he was there 5 minutes late. He made a lap around the lake to find us, but alas, he went the same direction, so we didn’t meet. Then, he headed down the Greenway. He saw lights coming his way and assumed it was us, so…he hid in the woods to surprise us. Unfortunately, it was two cyclists. Realizing his error, he sheepishly emerged from the woods in front of them so as to not startle them. They probably assumed he was hiding a body. Then, he ran up behind a Japanese couple and yelled at them! This is what we’re like running alone. Never run alone. It’s too much for one man to handle.

Crucible is Saturday. Pancake breakfast after the Crucible.