February 1, 2019

The Lost Boys love their Burpees

THE SCENE: Double the temperature from yesterday.  The spitting rain didn’t bother us one bit.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Disclaimed as the nervous mumblechatter filled the air.

WARM-O-RAMA:  Mosey 30 feet from the parking lot to the grass.

  • Burpee Pyramid x 10 tiers IC
  • Base of the grassy hill PAX were given a choice either to have us sprint all out up to the top or lead us in a set of Burpees x 10 IC.
  • 8 hill sprints, 2 sets of Burpees (1 abstain due to injury)
  • relocated further downhill and rinse and repeat this time the choices were hill sprint or a set of Burpees x 5 IC.
  • 3 hill sprints, 7 sets of Burpees (1 abstain)
  • Monkey bars; 1 PAX performed the monkey bars while calling out an AMRAP exercise for the rest.  (Merkins, Amerkins, Flutter kicks, Freddie Mercury, LBCs, BBSUs, . . . . , No Burpees)

MARY:  extended Mary (10 minutes):  Dying Cockroach x 30 IC, Boat/Canoe, American Hammers x 30, J-Lo x 15 IC, Pickle Pavement Pounders x 15 IC, Guantanamo Bay x 2, Alternating Plank 1 minute, Mountain Climbers 1 minute.

11 PAX, 0 FNGs
Wednesday night in Nutbush a young man pulls up in a white sports car, rolls down the window, and sticks his head out and hollers over at us.  Typical drug dealer, I think noting the facial tats, lanky arms, and bling.  He calls over a few of our street friends and begins handing out $5 bills.  He begins telling us that he was once out on these same streets addicted to heroine.  Now he’s over a year sober, and wanted to give back.  He offered me $5 and I quickly said I was ‘all good bro’.

Many lessons I am learning from this brief encounter:

1) My pride is crippling and corrupts my vision.  Should have taken the money, not because I ‘needed’ it but to honor his sacrifice.

2) Tell your story of brokeness, trials, or hardships to a brother.  You don’t know how or to what extent you will alter the course of someone elses life.

3) Give to others your treasures, talent, and time, its ALWAYS about breaking down your own addictions as much as its trying to help others with theirs.

Finally, don’t let your past identity and your past mistakes define you today.  You are forgiven already or God wants to forgive you though His son.  Live in your new identity and share your story for His glory.

MOLESKIN:  It was an honor to struggle alongside the Neverland HIM.  Very encouraging PAX.   Tiger Lily was ready for a Burpee pyramid greater than 10 tiers.  He also smoked us on the hill sprints and particularly enjoyed the low lying monkey bars, hah!

Start at the very bottom of the hill first with the PAX choice then move it uphill to balance out the pain.

154 total Burpees performed to celebrate Feburpeeary.

Prayers for Kendle and Rick Sr. for healing.  Complete the 2nd F lunch survey to start a network near you.