September 21, 2020

THE LEVEE 5xπŸ’― 🏎🏁

The initial format was 5 rounds of πŸ’― reps, but I decided last minute to scale it down to 75 reps per round to make sure we hit all muscle groups… However, we closed out with 50 curls and Mary to hit our 500’ish reps. Β Good work πŸ‘πŸΌ.


  • It was almost cool enough to avoid a sweat, which was really nice, but I kind of need the sweat as reassurance and a gauge that I pushed myself and the group hard enough.Β  Which that said, the weather was really nice weather! Β It was mid 50s, dark the entire workout until PLC… good times.Β  I’m actually looking forward to the winter months… I think. Β We’ll see… Β 

F3 Welcome & Disclaimer:

  • Check β˜‘οΈ


  • Motivators 6-1
  • 10 Daisy Pickers IC


  • Parking Lot Loop (300M)
    • 25 Durkens w/Feet on CMU OYO
    • 25 w/R Hand on CMU OYO
    • 25 w/L Hand on CMU OYO
    • Hold Low Plank uai
    • Rep Count: 75
  • Parking Lot Loop (300M)
    • 25 Squats w/CMU OYO
    • 25 Thrusters w/CMU OYO
    • 25 Lunges 1:1 w/CMU OYO
    • Hold Squatvw/CMU uai
    • Rep Count: 150
  • Parking Lot Loop (300M)
    • 25 Overhead Presses w/CMU OYO
    • 25 Kettle-Bell Swings w/CMU OYO
    • 25 Front Raises / Alpo’s w/CMU OYO
    • Rifle Hold uai
    • Rep Count: 225
  • Parking Lot Loop (300M)
    • 25 BBSUs w/Feet in the CMU OYO
    • 25 LBCsΒ  OYO
    • 25 Leg Raises while holding the CMU above your chestΒ  OYO
    • Hold Low Plank uai
    • Rep Count: 300
  • Parking Lot Loop (300M)
    • 50 Dips w/CMU on the curbΒ  OYO
    • 25 Tricep Presses w/CMUΒ  OYO
    • Hold Dip on CMU uai
    • Rep Count: 375
  • Victory Lap 🏁  (300M)
    • 50 Curls w/CMU OYO
    • Rep Count:Β  425


  • 20, 4CT Flutter Kicks IC (counted as 80 reps)
  • I called a month… April, and whichever PAX was born in April he got to lead the next workout.Β  It kind of worked… lol.Β  I think… we completed 5 wind shield wipers IC before 6:15.Β  I’ll save a few extra minutes for that next time. Β (counted as 10 reps)
  • Rep Count:Β  515 πŸ’ͺ🏼

Count-O-Rama, Nam-O-Rama:

  • 12 PAX, No FNGs
  • Govna, Hoya, Oneeder, Dial-Up, Band Wagon, Boudreaux, Sun Drop, Slic-Nut, Carver, Roots, Finkle
  • QIC:Β  Paper-Cut

COT / BOM / Mole Skin:

  • Message: Β We bring the commitment, dedication and energy to F3, but let’s make sure we’re bringing the same back home to our family, friends and most importantly our faith.Β 
  • Prayer Requests: Pray for Bruce’s recovery from wreck (𝙐π™₯π™™π™–π™©π™š shared today was that Bruce is ok, but we still prayed for any recovery needed)


  • Sun Drops VQ coming up!Β  Check the Q schedule.
  • Continue to invite FNGs, especially in this nice weather


  • Check β˜‘οΈ


  • πŸ’―%, 12/12 for PLC
Workout Date: