September 9, 2019

The kickball you never asked for


YHC rolled over in bed at 5:17. In a state of panic I grabbed my clothes (pre laid out) and got ready as quickly as possible. Luckily Arcadia is close. Arrival at 5:29:57 only to have Bailout mock my hair.


Let em know that I am no pro.


  • 25 x SSH IC
  • 20 x Tempo Squats IC
  • 10 x Forward Arm Circles IC
  • 10 x Reverse Arm Circles IC

Mosey on over to the Softball fields in sheer darkness. This was an aspect that I didn’t consider when planning the Q. Today on the agenda… Kickball, F3 Style

We completed 2 complete rounds of everyone batting between the 13 PAX

  • Pitcher names an exercise for all PAX and rolls ball to kicker.
  • Batter kicked the ball as far as possible and then sprinted around bases as fast as possible while remainder of PAX does the exercise named by pitcher.
  • Catcher was the only person not doing the named exercise. When the ball was kicked the catcher sprinted to ball and tried to get the runner out before he reached home.
  • If out, runner did 5 burpees. If safe, everyone else had 5 burpees.
  • Rotate positions between each batter via mode of transportation called by YHC. (bear crawl, crab walk and high skips)

Mosey to basketball courts

  • 25 x Flutterkicks IC
  • 20 x Big Boi Situps IC
  • 50 x SSH IC

Mosey to start of the Running strip where we lined up and, 4 at a time, sprinted to the flags. Approx 250 meters.

13 PAX; Chuck E. Cheese (QIC), Roomba, Bailout, Gomer, The Dude, Innuendo, Landline, Gun Show, Runner Up, Pirtle, Slots, Black Diamond, U-Rock


This morning did not get off to the start I wanted. I was late, I forgot the Cold Brew coffee that I had committed to bringing, I was exhausted from being up all night with a four month old. But I got through it. Through F3 I refocused my day and did not let the a bad start determine the full day. I encouraged the PAX to do the same. Hit reset and refocus on what matters. Whether the reset button is F3, coffee with your M before work, or playing with your kid before kicking off the rest of the day. Refocus and crush the day ahead of you.


We prayed for Landline on Baby watch and the relationships we are all in. Ghost Flag was claimed by The Annex.


9/11 Hero’s run on Wednesday.