August 28, 2020

The Journey is better than the Destination?

No Hurricane Laura yet.  Humid as all get out. One lone sad clown at the pad playing on his phone.  A former MAM guy and had heard of F3, ‘maybe another day, was his response’.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Ruck on.  I’m not a professional, there’s no money exchanging hands, don’t get hurt.

WARM-O-RAMA:  Mind the recovery command. Al Gore x 30 s.  Smurf Jacks x 20 IC. Tempo squats x 20 IC. Ruck curls x 25 IC.  Mosey

Ascending rep 8-count body builders, alternating lunges, squats, 1/4 mile lap.

Round 1: 4 reps of each, took a lap climbing up and down field house stairs.  Round 2: 8 reps of each, took a lap. Round 3: 12 reps of each, took a lap.  Round 4: 16 reps of each, took a lap.  Round 5: 12 Reps of each, took a lap. Bear crawl out and back 10 yards for a cool down.  Round 6: 4 reps of each, took a lap.  Mileage: 1.5, 8 count body builders, alternating lunges, and squats: 58 reps each.  Number of times plate smacked off skull:  at least 12.

MARY:  Flutter kicks w/ ruck x 20 IC. Rosalina x 20 IC. American Hammers x 20 IC.  J-Lo’s x 10 IC.  High plank x 1 minute.

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:  4 PAX, Daniel Tiger, Beauty Shop, Squeegy, Tomb Raider

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:  As a product of our instant gratification culture, I desire what I want immediately.  The vision I have for career, relationship, plan, and life should be obtained right now.  I want to lose 10 lbs.  I want to run fast. The actuator in the family van should only take me 25 minutes to install (still not done).  The two article reviews, GIS report, two publications, and NSF grant I need to write should be done by end of day.  etc. etc.

However, God is constantly reminding me, sometimes painfully, that I can’t handle instant gratification, instant success, instant goal obtainment.  I am led to the understanding that the process toward the goal is of more worth than achievement of it.  At the end of the journey I am conditioned, fire hardened, disciplined, and capable of greater things if I only lean into the journey.  I would wreck myself through instant gratification and piss away success without the process.  Often times, the journey shows me that my end objective is skewed and not virtuous.

Thank you God for your patience in leading me through trial, to put me on the path of righteousness, and desiring the things that you have for me.

Turn your head sideways while doing an 8 count body builders or burpees with a ruck on.  Hip belt works great for the first few until you are saturated in sweat.  This was an adaptation of a Soybean workout we did up and down the parking garage.  One of the hardest workouts I can recall ever doing.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Buck it CSAUP Saturday.  IPC sign up!  10 yr anniversary celebration, January.

Tomb Raider
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