November 19, 2018

The Iron Crawl

THE SCENE: It was a dark and dreary morning at a crisp 46 degrees, just how we like it.

properly welcomed and disclaimed.

•15 SSH

•15 Daisy Pickers

•15 Windmills

• 90 Second  Plank
•Mosey to playground

•20 Leg Tuck Abdominals

•30 Flutter Kicks

•The PAX assorted themselves into a line where the first HIM would work on 20 overhead presses  with 50 pound freeweights. While he worked on the overhead presses the rest of the PAX did flutter kicks until he completed his reps, no one stopped working on flutter kicks until they were up to do the overhead presses (the occasional modification to the plank in place of flutter kicks was made).

•Mosey to pavilion

•10 box jumps onto the picnic tables

•10 lunges towards STARTEX from the pavilion across the grass. Then 5 burpees then 10 lunges and so on until 10 sets of 10 lunges were competed. We then army crawled the rest of the way back to STARTEX (roughly 100-130 meters)

•20 Flutter Kicks

•20 Little Baby Crunches

• One minute plank

4 (PAX) for pre-ruck: @orange Julias, @Mr. Wonderful, @Granola and @Commie

6 (PAX) for Boot Camp: @Granola, @Orange Julias, @Potiphar, @Mr. Wonderful, @Commie and @Rosetta Stone.
In 1400 Yi Sung-Ke was the founder of what became known as the Yi Dynasty, he took refuge in Hamhung, Korea (modern day North Korea) after his son ousted him in a palace coup. When the upstart emperor (Yi Sung-Ke’s son) sent a secession of diplomats from Seoul to reconcile with his father, Yi Sung-Ke had them all slaughtered, one by one. This gave rise to the expression that still lives on in Korea: A “Kings envoy to Hamhung” is someone who embarks on a trip and is never seen again.

We all have been hurt or backstabbed or put in a precarious situation complements of a family member or friend.

Colossians 3:13 says “Bear with each other and forgive one another. If any of you has a grievance against someone forgive as the Lord forgave you.” If someone has done you wrong, take the highroad. Don’t cast them out and hold onto past transgressions. If they reach out, forgive them or better yet  extend an olive branch and take the first step yourself.

Don’t let your character be defined by past headaches, leaving a trail or envoys in your wake. I’m far from perfect. There’s people I have a hard time forgiving, my mood changes for the worse when they draw near but that’s not gonna help me nor anyone for that matter. I’m going to work on past grudges and I ask that y’all do too. Don’t leave a trail of severed ties. Push yourself everyday to improve and don’t wake up as yesterday’s man.
All of the HIMs that showed up today worked hard and killed it. Also prayers for @Ramrods bone spurs and @Rosetta Stone’s neighbor.
No announcements were given due to the fact that I knew of none to give.