February 10, 2021

The Intimidator

The Scene:

1 Pre-Runner and dingo

Not as cold or wet as forecasted


Welcome and Disclaimer:




22 Imperial Walkers (IC)

53 SSH (IC)

13 Hilly Billys (IC)

11 Richard Simmons (IC)



Mosey to Rolling Oaks Dr

3 Rounds prescribed of:

22 Merkins

3 laps, stop sign at bottom to stop sign at top and back (0.31 mi)

At the top of the 3rd lap, 76 Squats

I believe we all got done with the 2nd round of squats, but no one got to the 3rd set

Finished with 12 Squats each at the bottom


Moseyed to the pull up bars

Independently did pull ups to failure for as many sets as it took to reach a max rep of 1

Then modified to an Australian pull up or some other modification

Moseyed to Startex for 30 seconds of low plank


6, Ricky Bobby (QIC), Chef (AOQ), Malco, Wilson, Vengeance, Evan Almighty


Put the phone down when you drive. Don’t text. It’s not worth your life or someone else’s. I’ve been in several close calls recently. Maybe it would just result in a fender-bender, but it could be worse. I have not experienced loss related to this. But I would hate to be the cause of it. Be responsible.

Malco was humble enough to share that he totaled his car, suffered a concussion, and knocked the dentures out of an old man’s face trying to send a quick text to his wife.

We prayed for a number of ailments affecting PAX and their families. We are thankful for our strength, but also know that it will fail us.


It was a great workout. All the guys pushed themselves. I’m happy with how hard this one was.

Dawson brought his dingo to the 8-Track Sunday run and I have since been bringing mine to pre-runs. I’ll put him in the car during BC and then let him out for PLC. I think it is a win for everyone.

I was early this time.

A 1-mile pre-run is a great warm-up.


Once again, I failed to make announcements.

A number of GrowRuck opportunities coming up: Alamo, Myrtle Beach, St. Louis




Ricky Bobby
Workout Date: