November 1, 2018

The “I thought we’d have lightning” Grab Bag

THE SCENE: 62 and light rain to start, 62 and no rain to finish. I really thought we’d have lightning.

25 x SSH / 20 X Daisy Picker / 30-45 seconds of stretching each major muscle group.
Much to my surprise, there was no lightning happening, despite the alleged 100% chance of such a thing being reported by “meteorologists” the night before. Luckily, The Ruins is the most resource-rich AO in the land, so we still caught that beatdown.

  • easy mosey to monkey bars
    • ‘5 rung’ pullup ladder (1 PU, 2 PU, 3 PU, etc up to 5 and back down)
  • mosey to Beale St Landing
    • plank walk on handrail entire length of covered pavillion X2
      • on 2nd rep added a merkin/move
    • (still no lightning, so we…)
  • Sprint up BSL Hill (X2)
  • 5-rung-ladder of durkins w feet on handrail
  • STILL NO LIGHTNING SMH – so, we moseyed to push up bars
    • 5 merkins/bar
  • Mosey to Tom Lee Statue
    • 25 box jumps
  • (mary – see below) then….
  • mosey back to stairs, sprint stairs (hitting every step), mosey back to STARTEX.


  • Mosey to sit up benches for a 3pronged (quick) Mary (because we were sure we were about to get some lightning (but we didn’t)
    • 20 incline BBS
    • 20 extreme incline LBC’s
    • flutter kick until 2 sit up stations rotate.

3 PAX (Jailbait, MIB, Sir Mix a Lot
When things look bleak or boring or like they can’t improve – keep pushing and trusting God. Joseph wasn’t handed money and power because he found an extra high favor with the Lord – God knew what it was going to take to make Joseph into the man who could handle such power and money wisely and built him into that man through struggle, strife and learning to have integrity that doesn’t turn off