April 10, 2019

The Gloom Drifter

Date: 04/10/2019

AO: The Bermuda Triangle

QIC: Laettner

PAX: Judah, Photoshop, Mudpants, Slots, | FNG: Drifter

Conditions: 58F; perfectly Berm like Gloom

WELCOME – done

DISCLAIMER – given multiple times

20 Imperial Walkers
10 Merkins
15 Mountain Climbers
5 SSH in cadence out loud 10 more in silence – epic fail so we did 10 penalty burpees
1 lap around the Senior Center


* Ran to track to the first stop – this is when it got interesting….out of the usual morning gloom came a tall figure who looked lost and in need of conditioning. (not the hair kind) Mudpants said, “look at that drifter” and then he realized it was his friend Craig who was welcomed by the men and was now known as FNG and disclaimed.

5 sprints down and Deion Sanders back followed by 25 merkins and 50 squats in between, plank until all in

* ran to the next stop – Playground #1 – Slots commented that he did not realize the Berm had such an abundance of awesome workout spots. We said that is why we are open 4 days a week for your F3 pleasure.

25 dips, 25 lunges, 25 step ups

* ran to the next set of benches

25 durkins, 25 squats and 50 flutter kicks

* ran to Playground #2

10 pull ups, 25 merkins, 50 step ups

* ran to the coupons

20 skull crushers (in cadence) Colt 45 (in cadence)

American Hammer x 20 in cadence

Count-o-Rama (6)


COT / BOM: Be a team player and for a good read check out American Icon by Bryce Hoffman – great story of the turnaround at Ford by Alan Mullaly.

FNG naming logic: Once he was called a drifter by Mudpants as he arrived (late) out of the gloom his name was cemented. Mudpants also said he is habitually late to other things.