April 23, 2019

The gimp

THE SCENE: 1 degree shy of shorts weather, cleanish lot, dry
F3 WELCOME & Disclaimer. Yup

Ic 23 ssh, 10 daisy pickers, 10 arm circles, 23 hillbillies, 15 tempo squats, mosey to grab cmus and to stations.
9 station for 9 pax. 1min amrap at each station then switch. Every 2 stations we sprint to other end of lot and back and did an extra credit exercise which were( 10 oyo explosive merkins arms leave the ground, 22 ic Freddie mercury, 20 ic flutter kicks, 20 ic hello dollys, 10 oyo merkins) last round we dropped the time to 30 sec amrap and just did stations.

Stations were

  • 50# sandbag squats
  • 45# ruck plate curls
  • Tire filled with cmu drag
  • Battle rope squat arm flails
  • Burpees w cmu press
  • Tire flips (heavy n lighter options)
  • Jump lunges
  • Big Boi situps
  • 25# overhead arm extentions

Ic 20 Freddy mercuries, flutter kicks till time.
Tremor, gun show, Gomer, bailout, El bano, grimace, Chuck e cheese, barney, Speedy (q)
Patience was tried last night with 2.0. Left me feeling like a failure for loosing composure. Be patient, be kind, be the best parent at all times. Children are the equilizer, and definitely point out realities and applications of a heavenly father. We learn, we press Onward.
Great work today. Chuck e cheese killed the sprints. Kudos to everyone who helped clean up the mess. Tunes were a mess thanks to rabbit… Nickle creek? Thanks for the toys grimace n barney
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