November 15, 2020

The Gauntlet

THE SCENE:  Windy and damp but not very cold.  The thick blanket of fallen foliage covered the Green Mile course making it a bit slippery and a real ankle twister.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: I’m a professional archaeologist, not a cheerleader, not a fitness instructor, not a motivational speaker.  Modify only with severe pain or past injury history, not because of fatigue.

WARM-O-RAMA:   Series of deep stretching routines OYO while I explained tha-thang.

Gauntlet sprints:   PAX moseyed over to a long stretch of parking lot where I had marked off a course 40 yds long.  10 yd line marked and 20 yd line marked.  3 PAX lined up on the start, 3 PAX lined up at the 10, 3 PAX lined up at the 20.  On my mark the 3 PAX on the start line sprinted a 40 yd dash.  Once they hit the 10 yd line, the 3 PAX who were there took off sprinting through the 20.  Once they hit the 20, those 3 PAX sprinted through the 40.  The start line PAX moseyed back to the 10 yd line.  The 10 yd line PAX stayed at the 20, the PAX starting at the 20 moseyed back to the start line.  R & R, until all had cycled through 3 times.  Groups alternated from sprinting 40 yds, to 10 yds, to 20 yds, giving you breaks in between while near continuous movement.

THA-THANG:  Gauntlet run:   Each PAX selected and carried with them one glove.  We ran the mile loop and at any time a PAX could announce and throw down the glove, challenging us all to a 40 yd dash.  Upon completion we kept running at our mile pace.  The only rule is that all gloves had to be thrown within a mile.  We picked up the various gloves on mile 2 and continued with the challenges.

Total: 2 miles various sprints.

MARY:  3, 60 yd sprints.

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: 9 PAX; Halpert, O-Positive, Yardsale, Dawson, Landline, Hobo, Nature Boy, Tomb Raider, Orange Julius

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:  Difficult times produce endurance.

We are not in control of some of the external things that befall us.  Lean into troubling times, times of strife, uncertainty, and difficulty.  Embrace the challenges with joy as these times lead to endurance and a stronger faith.

MOLESKIN:  A play on the dual meaning of ‘gauntlet’ where we ‘ran’ the gauntlet with PAX on either side of us running through a straight line course and throwing down the ‘gauntlet’ as in a challenge.  Thankfully no one smacked us with branches, tomahawks, or clubs.  Also, no one shot at us or ran us threw with a jousting spear.  The running gauntlet course was a bit awkward but once we got going, it flowed better.  The short interval sprints coupled with the longer interval ones gave you rest in between cycles.  Stretching out the total distance beyond a 40 might have worked better.

Man, I completely blanked on Chris’s F3 name (Halpert).  That was embarrassing and I apologized later.  Knowing someone’s name (even nickname) is a powerful thing.  It shows them that you care about them and you value them.  Remembering names is usually not my strong point.  Luckily, he gave me a lot of grace even with OP calling him an FNG the entire workout.

Reread ‘1984’.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:   Praise for Nature Boy and his family’s recovery.  Its good to have him back out here with us but better to hear they are healthy.  Continued prayers for OP’s mom Cecilia as she approaches the holiday season without her husband.

Tomb Raider
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