December 20, 2019

The Force Is Strong With This One

About 36 degrees. Not nearly as cold as the Ice Planet of Hoth, but still cold.



20 x Imperial Walkers (IC)

20 x Supreme Leader Snoke Straddle Hops (IC)

15 x Skywalker Squats (IC)

Force run around the parking lot


“A Trilogy of Trilogies”

A Star Wars-themed Q in honor of the theatrical release of Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. There was a trilogy of different workout routines, each commemorating one of the three Star Wars movie trilogies.

The Prequel Trilogy

  • Partner up and pod race (Earth dwellers call this a “wheelbarrow”) to far end of the parking lot. Switch partners halfway through.
  • Order 66! Perform 66 Skywalker Squats each with your partner
  • Pod race back to the starting point, switching partners halfway through
  • Perform 66 Jedi force lunges (2 is 1) each with your partner
  • The first team to complete all the exercises wins the podrace

The Original Trilogy

  • Ewok crawl (Earth dwellers call this a bear crawl) to the far side of the parking lot (whichever partner arrives first hold plank until partner arrives)

  • 1977 was the year the original “Star Wars” was released. Perform 77 Imperial Walkers

  • Ewok crawl back to the starting point
  • Perform 77 Han Solo Release Merkins (Earth dwellers call these “hand release merkins”

  • The first team to complete all the exercises wins the forest battle of Endor.

The Sequel Trilogy

  •  In Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker “force projected” himself across the entire galaxy, using all his energy in the process. Us earth dwellers aren’t normally capable of that sort of thing so instead we did the next closest thing and broad jumped to the halfway point of the parking lot (cut short from full parking lot for time)

  • YHC was born in 1988 and began a life of Star Wars fandom, so perform 88 Supreme Leader Snoke Straddle Hops with your partner
  • Force project (broad jump) yourself back to the starting point
  • Perform 88 Starkiller Situps (Earth dwellers call these “LBCs”
  • The first pair to successfully force project themselves across the galaxy, allow the Resistance to escape the mineral planet Crait, but lose their lives in the process and becomes one with the Force. The end


  • Jedi Meditation Form 1 x 30 secs (Earth dwellers call this an “Iron Cross”)
  • Jedi Meditation Form 2 x 30 secs (Earth dwellers call this “holding plank”
  • Jedi Meditation Form 3 x 15 secs (Earth dwellers call this “Superman position”)

6 PAX; Barnum, Dawson, Dewey (QIC), Jail Bait, Snookie, Teacher’s Pet

Much like the Jedi employ discipline and devotion to the force as a way of life, so should we Earth dwelling PAX of the F3 world live disciplined lives, devoted to and drawing strength from a Higher Power.

This workout was specifically designed with high rep counts to encourage focus and determination. It required all of us to dig deep and push through. Much like life requires the same of us when things get hard.  We can ourselves to be disciplined and call on the strength of a Higher Power while reaching out to our fellow PAX and other support systems to push through.

Come to the F3/FiA Crossover 2.0 workout tomorrow at 8 am at the Mothership. May the Force be with you!

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