December 9, 2020

The Flying Men of the Levee

Crisp 34 degrees this fine morning.  Frozen grass more like 25, but knowing the toughness of the PAX soon to arrive, not concerned.


Do your thing, modify as needed.  Discomfort is compulsory.  Pain – not so much

Short mosey around the lot.

Lined up for shuttles across the parking surface.

– Standing hamstring stretch, Airplanes, High Knees, Butt Kicks, Inch Worms, Lunge Rotations, Merkin/Squat/Dry Dock series

– Mosey back to the flag to retrieve frozen block implements

There is a modest hill over between the ball fields – it’s likely never been used for anything other than watching a game.  We changed that.

Part 1:

4 rounds, 5 movements each round, 45 secs work, 15 secs recover – total of 20 mins

The dealio

– Airborne Merkins – damn these fellas can fly!

– CMU Thrusters

– 1 Arm Bent Over CMU Rows

– CMU Swings – preferably American, not Russian

– Run the damn hill

Part 2

11 Series

Bottom of the hill – Side plank pull throughs

Top of the hill – Ski abs

We were left with 1 minute on the clock.  Kicked over to Boudreaux to bring us home.  His choice of 1 minute of Smurf Jacks was met with mixed reviews from the crowd, yet it seemed fitting since most of us had blue hands and feet from the previously mentioned frozen grass.

23 PAX present and accounted for (thanks for the support gents!) including 1 FNG (Back Rub)

Thank you Red Light and Boudreaux for the opportunity to lead this fine group today.

Spoke to the variety of fitness levels within our group, and the importance of designing a program to allow all PAX to push themselves.  Working to a clock takes the pressure off getting to a number – focus on form and the intent of the movement assigned.  Our bodies are amazing machines and will find a way to do what we ask.  A hundred of a movement will be harder for some and easier for others, but we’ll all find a way to get there.  Working to a time clock levels the playing field and leaves the intensity up to each individual to choose.  I prefer intense myself.

Also talked about the importance of focusing on the task in front of us.  We gather on these mornings to improve our fitness for 45 minutes – keep that the main thing.  50% focus will lead to 50% results.  Apply that thought throughout your day.  I spend a lot of time with my teams talking about the concept of time blocking – focusing on the task at hand and remove all other potential distractions – phones, inbox, pop-ins, etc.  Also scheduling complex tasks that are planned in your day early in the morning –  lots of cognitive studies about when the brain is most effective and capable of completing difficult and focus intensive activities.

Give thought to how you can manage your day and focus on the now.  We can all be better.

There is merit to all types of workout plans, I just chose to speak specifically about why I designed this one for today.  Should there be a next time, it will be different.

Thanks to Halpert for supplying the much needed lighting affects.

Thank you to Boudreax for leading the group in prayer – fine spoken words this morning

If you’ve not spent any time researching time management – consider it.

A good read is “The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results” By Gary Keller and Jay Papasan (I”ve sent this to everyone on my team, and to all new hires when they’re onboarded.  Very impactful)

Spirit Stick also recommended “Eat That Frog: 21 Great ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time” by Brian Tracy.  (I’ll have it read by next week Spirit Stick, thanks for the intel)

I arrived at the Levee this morning with 3 potential topics for COT, planning to focus on 1.  Went off script, none of them made it to production.  Turned into more of a rant but am hopeful there was something there to take away.

Thanks again for the opportunity and the support gents.  Y’all are a fine group of men.


None made that I can recall.

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