October 1, 2019

The Duckman Calleth

THE SCENE: Warm for it being October but the duckman brought some nice acoustics
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Done-ish though foggy-minded

Abe Vigoda x 15, Imperial Squat Walkers x 10, Daisy Pickers x 15, SSH x 30

  • Mosey around the lake and continued around the turf field, stopping for burpees along the way – 45 burpees
  • Lunge walk down the field stopping every 20 yards for 20 squats – 100 squats
  • Bear Crawl down to mid field, stopping at 20yd, 40 yd and midfield for 15 hand release merkins – 45 HRMs
  • Break from midfield to the bleachers for 100 calf raises
  • Return to midfield to bear crawl to startex stopping for another 45 hand release merkins
  • 50 SSH to keep those shoulders/calves nice and warm for the day

Dealers Choice: LBC x30, Flutter Kicks x30, Freddie Mercurys x 30
15 PAX, no FNGs. Dial-Up, Holy Roller, Sideline, Stephen King, Pops, Pablo, Slater, Steinbrenner, Hacksaw, Utah, Iced, C-lo, Reply All, Twitty, Peeping Tom (QIC)
Personally, I have been falling out of sync due to work and back into bad habits. Using workouts as the placeholder for whatever falls to the back burner but I get frustrated when I miss workouts – whether that be because of working late, reading articles, watching tv, etc.  Always see the next day, hour, minute as an opportunity to reset and do better.
Prayers for Stephen King’s son (football injury) and Sideline’s friends mother (health and injury)
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dads/Donuts with 2.0s Saturday at Mothership