August 21, 2020

The Divergence at Old Forest

Darn good weather for Divergencing.


Everyone welcomed in my silliest terms, and disclaimed per the exact verbiage provided.
40 SSHs IC

20 Hand-release ‘Mer’cans

Bat Wings as specified-

20 forward arm circles

20 backward arm circles

20 seal claps

20 overhead claps

400M mosey, which, for the Old Forest, was from Startex to the Bike Gate, circle the circle, and back to Startex.

COT 1 of 3 was read verbatim.


AMRAP Killer Bees (roughly four rounds)

Bear Crawl length of parking lot medians, broad jump back to start, pausing every 5 jumps to perform 3 Burpees.

COT 2 of 3 was read verbatim.

Circuit #2 Dora-ish

Partnering, one partner sprints the length of the parking lot, backpedaling back while other partner performs prescribed exercise- to reach total numbers:

150 ‘Mer’cans

150Bonnie Blairs

150 Mountain Climbers

COT 3 of 3 was read verbatim


40 4 count Flutter kicks

Captain Thor from 1:4 all the way to 10:40



12 PAX  Swanson, Shrink, Semi, Jail bait, ISS, Handsy, Goldilocks, Frisky, Dumpling, DocHollywood, Climate Control, Barnum

I made the mistake of waiting two days to file this Backblast.  I winged something.  It was, y’know, it was good… but I don’t have any particular memory of the wisdom I let drip outta my head.

Oh, dear God… whoever wrote this workout is tougher and has far more stamina than I can muster. Same goes for some of our other PAX… there was …”some modification” by the end.  Very few of our PAX had gotten to Mountain Climbers in Circuit #2 when we simply ran short on time.  I had everyone switch to Mountain Climbers so we didn’t end that circuit with some of us still trying to finish Bonnie Blairs.

We called time on everyone during the Captain Thors of the Mary.  There may have been some finishers, but I was too broke down to look around and see.  I extended our finish time by two minutes in order to make up for the three COTs during the workout.

– I may NOT have been the ideal Q for this one, but I’m awfully impressed by our crowd.

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