December 5, 2018

The ditch-a-thon

THE SCENE: 29 degrees with a white cap of frost covering the landscape.

welcomed and disclaimed.

•10 burpees OYO

•30 imperial walkers IC

•2:30 plank
•all PAX took a Mosey around the parking lot, stopping in front of the bleachers that are  in front of the baseball field.

•the PAX lined up side by side to do flutter kicks. Starting on one end of the line a member of the PAX would grab two 25lbs dumbbells and complete 15 overhead presses as he continued doing flutter kicks. Upon completion of overhead presses he then passed the dumbbells on to the next man in line, where he took his turn, this was done until each man did 15 overhead presses while doing flutter kicks (even if you weren’t doing overhead presses you did flutter kicks).

•each man then found a spot on the bleachers and did 20 box jumps OYO.

•each PAX then did 15 dips IC.

•we all took a little Mosey to the first  light pole across the bridge over the big ditch near STARTEX.

•each PAX bear crawled the 40-50 meteres down a little sand pathway to a pile of rocks.

•each man then picked out a rock (appropriately sized) from the rock pile.

•there was a smaller drainage ditch adjacent to the massive ditch that had drainage holes with covers on them with about 30 meter spacing. The PAX performed 20 little baby crunches then shrimp crawled with their rocks to the next hole cover.

•once at cover number 2 the PAX did  20 little baby crunches (this was done at each cover) where upon completion they did imperial walkers as form of movement with their rock in hand to the next cover.

•once at cover number 3 the PAX did 20 little baby crunches and took a Mosey from cover 3 to cover number 4.

•upon arrival to cover number 4 all men did 20 little baby crunches and took off on another Mosey to the next cover.

•once at cover number 5 the men did 20 little baby crunches then shifted into a modified high knee as form of movement. Once a knee was brought up to your chest you extended your rock into a overhead press, we went from the last cover to a green trash can outside the small parking lot on the back end of the Morg (28 meteres away).

•the PAX then formed up in a line on the ground and began working on flutter kicks. The PAX furthest in line would walk up to a barbell holding 50lbs and do 20 overhead presses then step forward and pick up the 60lbs ruck and run the four corners of the parking lot and return. While whoever was doing the overhead presses everyone else did flutter kicks, this was done until everyone went through the line and did the overhead presses/run, except for the last few, due to lack of time, they got they’re fill of flutter kicks in return though.

•afterwords 50lbs was added to the barbell (100lbs in total) where two PAX would carry it back to STARTEX (one PAX on  each end with men rotating and switching out). While the two PAX were carrying the barbell the rest of the PAX carried their personal rocks along with the rocks of the men carrying the barbell. The was done until we got back to STARTEX, the rock carriers dropped the rocks off back at they’re place of origin and OJ showed us up by carrying the 60lbs ruck too.

No time for Mary, hate y’all got to miss those burpees, planks and squat bounces.

10 PAX: Granola, Orange Julias, Red Roofer, Woodpecker, Bootheel, Potiphar, Piccolo, Rosetta Stone, Soulja Boy and Commie.

“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall” -Confucius

“Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one” -Marcus Aurelius

”The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential…these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal success” -Confucius

Focus on the little details in your life. Improvement is made in the small and incremental shifts of habit. It’s the small things that will see you through. 1 Peter 5:10 says “and the God of all Grace, who called you to eternal glory in Christ, after you’ve suffered a little while, will Himself restore you, strong, firm and steadfast”

God hasn’t called us into His eternal grace for comfortable living, anything but, He’s told us quite the opposite. But through Him we are given the strength to ride the wave. What’s the point of coming out here and killing ourselves if we don’t put that same effort into our personal lives back home. God gave us the strength and perseverance to rise up and set the example of what we talk so ardently about being- High Impact Men. So let us not get bogged down in what is and what isn’t good, just make the incremental changes, make the shift. Forget not the blessings of strength, perseverance, integrity, honor, commitment. I take them for granted like so many others, but life isn’t about being like the “others” it’s about being your own man in God’s grace.

Keep Red Roofer and his little girl in your prayers. Pray that Piccolo’s situation will be resolved smoothly and gracefully. Keep Potiohar’s proposal in mind that it will pass. Also keep James Mullroy’s wife (I hope spelled the name right) In your prayers for her upcoming surgery.
Y’all know how this goes with me, I never know.