November 30, 2020

The Dice from the Toybox

Chilly and Breezy.  39 or so degrees.  Weirdly enough, there’s a news crew parked in the lot with their headlights on, and every fifteen or twenty minutes, they jump out and do a live bit for the morning news, then sit in their cars again.  Unfortunately for us, I was thinking we should be rolling a big foam dice right where they’re parked.  So I planted the F3 flag where I normally do- and it turned out to be in their shot.  Ah, well.


I was filling in for Birds_R_Real, so my disclaimer was a bit scattered and incoherent, but I asked if everyone understood and mostly, folks muttered in an affirmatively noncommittal way.

10 Daisy Pickers IC

12 Imperial Walkers IC

12 Hillbillies IC

1 Mosey lap around the parking lot, as the News crew were in their cars

Broke into three groups, each group started at a big foam dice that I’ve customized with duct tape.  One die is arms, another core, another is legs.

Roll the die, do 15 of whatever rolls up, hold plank until the folks at the next die are done and have run away, then go to the next die and repeat.  Each time all three stations have been used, all PAX mosey the parking lot to re-set the action, and you go again.


No Mary.  Tha Thang lasted until the end of the workout.

14 PAX today.  Deborah, Scarecrow, Seagrams, Billboard, DarkRoast, JailBait, Handsy, Chioccetti, Bagger, Teacher’s Pet,  Swanson, Dumpling, Frisky, Barnum,


I had nothing prepared, but our Flag blew over and my son (Deborah) ran over to stand it up again- so the COT became “Don’t Leave Your Standard In The Dirt”- take the time to have the pride.  I guess.  THere’s probably a really multi-functional metaphor there.    Birds_R_Real probably had something good worked out, but he couldn’t make it.
Insert the WORD here.

The PAX still bunch up, and some guys don’t seem to remember to hold Plank or Al Gore ’til the next station opens up.  I keep thinking I’ll buy some orange cones at Home Depot or something to mark the halfway points between stations so that PAX can sprint to those and hold position until the time to move up happens.    So- if you’re trying this particular workout, maybe make a point out of telling everyone to hold plank until the group ahead clears.  This workout has a sort of a ‘bunching up’ issue that the Lap after doing all the stations helps clear up (Scarecrow thought that up.  Smart Scarecrow) but I think the ‘halfway’ markers would help even more.  If I can find really cheap cones at Academy or online, I’ll get six and stick F3 stickers on ’em- One for each station, and one between each station for the Halfway Hold.

Yikes.  My toybox workouts are getting too elaborate.


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