September 23, 2019

The Cycle at Arcadia

THE SCENE: First day of Fall; last week of the Cubs’ 2019 season. I arrived early to put my kickball bases on the large field near the school. I totally forgot about the actual baseball field. The field was bone dry. 


Short mosey to the baseball field, circled up in shallow right. 

SSH x20; Daisy Pickers x10; Windmill x10; Imperial Walker x15

Stationary 11s with burpees and merkins – everyone loved it. Zero complaints.


The Cycle:
The PAX split into 4 teams of 3, each team started at a certain base.

Home: 10 burpees, bear crawl to 1st base
1B: AMRAP sqauts, lunge walk to 2nd once relieved by Home group
2B: AMRAP big boy sit-ups, broad jump to 3rd once relieved
3B: AMRAP merkins, sprint home once relieved

After one full revolution, it was trivia time:

Name one of 6 players who have hit for the cycle in 2019.
Chuck E. Cheese answered correctly (Cavan Biggio). Penalty avoided. Other correct answers were Jorge Polanco, Shohei Ohtani, Jake Bauers, Trea Turner, and Jonathan Villar.

Rinse and Repeat! 

After our second full revolution, we moseyed to the ditch for some dips. One set of 15, then one set of 10. Lots of chatter about the contents of the ditch. Captain Obvious assured the PAX that Germantown filtered all of their ditch water. Laettner insisted it was sewage. YHC pondered that it could be overflow from the out-of-commission bathrooms nearby. We’ll never know.

One more trivia question: Which MLB has hit the most cycles? The Pittsburgh Pirates! No one guessed it, so we did 10 burpees.

Back to the shovel flag!

Flutter kicks x50; Hello Dolly x20; Rosalita x20

12 PAX, no FNGs: 

YHC shared an illustration from The Coddling of the American Mind. We should raise our children to be raging fires, who feed off of the winds of adversity, not candles that are distinguished with the smallest breeze. Become durable men who raise durable men.

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