December 10, 2018

The Cones of the Greensward

THE SCENE: 30* – frosty from a weekend of rain. YHC arrived at 05:29:59 and got things going.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: This was done from the plank position, much to Bookworm’s chagrin. 

Mountain Climbers x20, then 10 burpees OYO starting from plank
Doc Hollywood led the PAX in 12 or so SSH while YHC went to the car to grab some cones. 

Mosey! We were headed towards the Greensward, and stopped a couple times along the way for flutter kicks. 

The Quarter Pounder:
At the Greensward, YHC set out 4 cones, about 25 yards apart. Starting at the first cone, sprint 25 yards, do 25 hand-release merkins, run backwards back to start. Next, sprint 50 yards, do 50 squats, backwards to start. Sprint 75 yards, do 75 mountain climbers, backwards to start. Sprint 100 yards, do 100 flutter kicks, backwards to start. On this last sprint, the PAX were yelling “Where’s the cone?” It had disappeared. Someone eventually decided to just lay down and start their flutter kicks. Everyone else got more or less in line with him and knocked out the reps. When we got back to the start, we did another sprint to find that last cone. We were baffled. Then it dawned on me that I brought 4 cones and put the first one at the starting line. Silly Soybean!

Mosey over to the Veteran’s Plaza – lunge walk the length to the flags. Split into two groups. First group did 25 derkins with their feet on the stairs. Second group did 25 box jumps. Flapjack. Then rinse and repeat with 15 reps. 

Mosey back to start, stopping along the way for LBC’s and dying cockroaches. We got back a minute late. 

17 (1 FNG – Toaster)

YHC recycled my COT from last week at the Barracks. There are a lot of people for whom Christmas is painful and lonely. Be hospitable and invite those people into your home. 

Bookworm had to jet right at 0615 and took his great FNG name idea with him.  What a guy. Handsy forgot the coffee, bourbon, cream, etc. Maybe next time. Cobains for forgetting the 100 yard cone. 

KotB lunch this Friday. Starry Nights ruck TONIGHT.