July 16, 2018

The Carry On

  1. THE SCENE: 75 degrees with a tang of humidity hanging over the morg.

I did it.

•15 burpees

•15 arm circles

•15 reverse arm circles

•20 side-straddle hops

•went for a little mosey

•20 modified big boy sit-ups with cmu
•Indian run with cmu’s to pavilion area.

•40 dips

•run with cmu to soccer field

•we partnered up, one person fireman carried his partner to the opposite end of the field and held a plank/al gore. While the partner who carried his buddy held a plank or al gore his counterpart knocked out 50 flutter kicks. After the flutter kicks are completed the partner who was carried now carry’s his buddy to the opposite end of the field. Once there the partner doing the fireman carry will hold either a plank or al gore until his partner knocks out 100 curls with the cmu (this process was done until each person carried their partner 3 times)

•with the same partner, one works on doing 300 curls with the cmu while his partner runs to the other end of the field, does 5 burpees and returns. Once the burpees were done and he returned to his buddy, the he would take over until his partner did the same thing. This process was repeated until 300 curls were completed (we were not able to complete all 300 curls due to time restraints)

•ran back to where we started with our cmu’s

No Mary was done due to lack of time.
15 PAX (no FNGs)

Choker, Zima, Orange Julius, Green Monster, Wallbuilder, Fleabag, Flobee, Shoestring, Woodpecker, Mr. Wonderful, Hamburgler, Part-Timer, Giant, Rabbit,
We all push ourselves harder when when we are around others. But what about when no one is watching? Do you still push yourself. When it’s a tough situation, do you still do what’s right? or slip up and take the easier way. Yesterday a guest speaker spoke at my church and he briefly elaborate on the word “touched”, for whatever reason it peaked my interest. Touched comes from the Greek word Haptomai which means to touch or handle, to fasten to or lay hold of. And from the word haptomai comes the word hapto which means to modify or change by touching, touching that influences…impact touching.

In Luke 7:11 the Bible says that Jesus approached the the gates to the city of Nain. As Jesus neared the gate he saw a funeral taking place and it’s here in verse 14 that it speaks to me. It says “then He came to the coffin and touched it and those who carried it stood still. And He told the young man ‘I say to you, arise, and the young man sat up and began to speak.” If the touch of Jesus can raise a man from the dead than his touch can influence, fasten to and modify your situation. Whether it be a personality trait, not always giving 100% or a hard time in your life. We cannot be high impact men without feeling that impact first ourselves. And no one is better at high-impact touching than God. In times of difficulty it’s His touch of influence that’s guides and changes us and our perception of the world and it’s problems around us.

I’m going to finish with this question- where do you need to be touched, to be influenced by Gods change to be that high-impact man…pray for that encounter and fasten to it.