December 5, 2018

The CarPark Dash

THE SCENE: 4 below and pretty Starry
60 SSH, 14 Windmills, Leg swings (hamstring), Donkey kicks, Mosey’d to carpark next to football field.  Quick Footwork on curb x100 (fast and slow thruout), more leg swings.


  1. Divided into 3 running groups (honest levels)
    1. Fast Group
    2. Average Group
    3. Slower Group
    100 yards used in carpark:
    -2 groups stood at one end, 1 group stood at opposite end.
    -Group 3 sprint 100 yd down to release group 1.
    -Group 1 sprint 100 yd to release Group 2.
    -Each group sprints 12x
    (Recovery time is after each 2 groups 100 yd dash)
  2. Partnered up (upper body)
    -Wheel barrel walk 24 yards (using parking lines)
    – every 6 yards, do 7 wheel barrel merkins(decline) = 28 merkins
  3. Remain with partners (core)
    -On your 6, partner hold partners ankles.  Standing partner throws legs down. Must catch before hitting ground. 20x
  4. The Angry Al Gore Duel (lower body)
    – 10x5yd box
    – Everyone holds an Al Gore, move side to side and try to slap someone else’s knees. Do not get slapped yourself.  First to slap 10 knees steps out until last lonely Al Gore.
  5. Nasty Big Boy Sit ups (Groups of 4) – (core)
    PAX 1 – on his 6
    PAX 2 – Hold 1’s feet
    PAX 3 & 4 – on both sides of PAX1.
    PAX 3 & 4 proceed to throw PAX 1 back on his back. PAX 1 must use core to keep from hitting ground  – 10x
  6. Mosey back to Flag – ABC’s (capital letters) in cadence.

14 PAX, No FNGs.  MoneyBags, BlackDiamond, S-Cargo, Coach K, Natty, Whiskey, MeterMaid, Rabbit, Halpert, SlicNut, Sully, Dial-Up, WallStreet, CapriSun!
John 8:32 – “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
As a progression from my VQ CoT, I can’t help to but appreciate the openness and honesty amongst the men I share the gloom with.
We know that the truth is in GOD and in the Bible.  But are we aware of our own truths, set forth by God?  There is no need to hide behind any mask.  You are who you are, if you let that true person out in the world, people will appreciate that more.  Being open and authentic is not the food you eat or where you are from. Being authentic is being true to god, others, and yourself.  Being authentic is being kind, generous, and genuine.  The more you make the effort honestly and totally to be kind, generous, and genuine – perhaps you can discover more truth in yourself.  Oh and write more thank you’s – it’s good medicine 🙂
It was great to see a few of the brand new guys who were FNGs on Monday return today.   All fantastic attitudes, took the beat down, and had even better attitudes after.  They inspired me today.
We gave T-Clap to Whiskey for his elite form in the St. Jude marathon this week. (6th place overall 2 years in a row – the same week his sister became a Real Irish Hero becoming the #1 Female Boxer in the World, and even had a Civic Reception by the President of Ireland on her return). Both are tremendous examples to follow – disciplined, strict, and regimented.  A family from the inner-city who prove hard work pays off.  Honored to have him a part of our F3 family.