May 9, 2018

The Brotherhood Beat down

THE SCENE: 61 Degrees

Forward arm circles 10-IC, Reverse arm circles 10-IC, CMU curls 25-IC, Wind mills 10-IC, Daisy pickers 10-IC & SSH 20-IC
Partner up for CMU work and Bear crawls on the hill

  • Mosey two laps around parking lot and return to hill with CMU
  • Partner up for BBS-25
  • Squats with CMU overhead-25
  • CMU curls-25
  • CMU Merkins-25 and SSH until all in
  • PAX Bear crawls up hill and Crawl bears down hill while partner does CMU squats for 3 reps each
  • Fast Mosey around parking lot back to hill
  • Curb Merkins for 10 then run up hill

BBS 10-OYO, LBC 15-IC, Hello Dolly 15-IC, BBS 10-OYO, Seal Merkins until failure
6 PAX, Billy Blanks, Pops, Slots, Orange Julius, Speedy & Nature Boy
Brotherhood is earned. A true friend will be there in good times and bad times. Make time and effort to know your F3 brothers. Post at a new AO and pre-ruck prior to BC if possible.
Proverbs 17 verse 17 & 20

17- A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born in adversity.

20- He who has a crooked mind finds no good, and he who is perverted in his language falls into evil.

Get your mind right! Stay focused on what matters the most and reach out to your friends for help. Pops has been a great friend and a brother I can talk to and count on.
FNG to post at the Lair 5/10