December 19, 2020

The Bringer of Rain


  • 43 degrees and of course rain… why would the bringer of rain Q in anything else


  • Bodies, Bricks and 1 Sandbag

F3 Welcome & Disclaimer:

  • Check ☑️


  • 20 SSHs IC… about… I think Hobo was intentionally trying to throw me off my count with his pectoral comment.  I have the chest of a dove… it does draw attention ????
  • 5 Daisy Pickers IC
  • 5 Daisy Pickers Couch Potato Style IC
  • 10 Mountain Climber IC (Hold Position)
  • 10 Froggers IC (Hold Position)
  • 10 Merkins IC (Recover)

Short mosey…

The THANGsss: 3 Parts

Part 1:  Chasing Guerrouj

  • See BB from 12/12 @ Green-Mile for routine details
  • PAX Time: 5:32

Part 2: Boomerang Lunge Walks Around The Parking Lot

  • Parking Lot Loop 1: PAX in the front lunges with the 62lb sandbag while PAX follow suit in line.  PAX in the back bear crawls to the front where he then takes the lead and the sandbag.  The new leader gets the 62lb sandbag.  Went through two rotations of this… a lot of lunges.
  • Parking Lot Loop 2: PAX lunge walked while PAX in the back performed 6 cleans with the 62lb sandbag.  After the cleans PAX caught back up to the lunging PAX, dropped the sandbag off with the last PAX in line then moseyed to the front of the line.  PAX in the back did Cleans. Rinse and Repeat.  Two rotations of this, but we did 10 cleans on the second rotation.

Part 3: Dora on The Hill w/ Bricks:

  • P1 Reps
  • P2 Runs up the hill and down twice w/ bricks
  • 100 Merkins w/ Hands on Bricks
  • 200 (split 100/100) Butterflies & OHPs w/ Bricks
  • 300 Prison Squats w/ Bricks


  • 50 LBCs OYO
  • 25 LBCs R-Side OYO
  • 25 LBCs L-Side OYO
  • 20 Pickle Pounders IC
  • Leg Raises to Bring Sally Up… didn’t finish before time but got far enough in to get a good burn. 

Count-O-Rama, Nam-O-Rama & FNG Naming:

  • Count: 7 PAX
  • PAX:  Croissant, Hobo, Tremor, Rocket Launcher, Hoya, Photoshop, Paper Cut
  • FNG: None
  • QIC: Paper-Cut


  • Message:  Be more “present”.  Be more in the “moment”.  There are so many distractions in life with work, hobbies, thoughts, planning or dwelling on the past that we miss out on the moments and fruit of life in the “present.”  Get engaged NOW and don’t let life pass you by.
  • Prayer Requests: Dumpling and Chef’s daughter with Covid, Safe holiday travels
  • Prayer: ☑️

Mole Skin:

  • Part 1 was not as smooth as I hoped.  I knew there was a chance it could be “rough around the edges” but we stuck with it and at the least we got a lot of lunges out of it.  Hobo decided to do some Bonnie Blair’s because the sandbag handoff slowed the line down, which was a great modify to stay moving.  I was hoping to get more sandbag work out of this routine but it did not turn out that way, however, we did get some.  Not everyone has a sandbag so I’ve been thinking of ways to incorporate one or two sandbags in a workout.  I’ll have an improved plan for the next time.


  • The Bauer… get excited, get pumped and participate.  See The Bauer channel.


  • Check ☑️


  • Check ☑️
Paper Cut
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