April 24, 2018

The BOMBS Ghost of Birthiversary Past

50 something degrees and fantastic! There’s just something about the air that breathes better at The Lair. Shoutout to OP for the dedication to get such a great AO up and running, and to C-Lo for keeping it excellent. It’s a shame more Leveeites don’t support it properly! Definitely worth the 40 minute drive for YHC to Q here. If it were only 10-15 minutes, I don’t know how I could pass it up (twice a week, regularly)!

9 PAX showed, Epcot came rolling in on Meter Maid time. But T-CLAPS to him for being ready to post with no gloves!

YHC scoped out the field situation ahead of time and added a slight modification to the workout. Be early Q’s! (Note: YHC is not always early.)

Did it.

Twice. T-CLAPS again Epcot!

Random amount of SSH while the PAX eagerly anticipated Epcot’s arrival. Then…

*CMU Curls x100 IC!
BAM! Fresh cup of muscle failure to kick this Q off! (That’s 200 for those counting at home, kids. Get at me Zima!)
*SSH x30 IC
*Deep Squat x15 IC Then…
HOOOOOLD!! HOOOOOOLLD!!! 15 count at the bottom
*Merkins x15 IC
*Shake it loose and stretch for 30 seconds.

Partner up and Mosey to the Multi-Purpose Field with our coupons (You need a name for this field Lairvites)

CMU Partner BOMBS!

Line up about midway through the field facing the two benches on the sideline. Partner 1 runs to bench, performs 10 tricep dips, and runs back. Partner 2  performs the exercises listed below. When Partner 1 returns the team Flapjacks and keeps running count until complete:

Burpees w/ CMU x25
Overhead Presses w/ CMU x50
Merkins (Uneven) alternating hands on the CMU x75
BBSU’s w/ CMU x100
Squats (Front) w/ CMU x125

Lots of grunting. A few gloom horns from Bombay. And soooooooo much Max Effort with Modifying took place!

The PAX who finished early got a bonus 60 CMU Merkins (as this was the biggest modification offender), and then everyone jumped in with the Sixes to smash out the remaining Squats. Mosey back to Startex for some Mary!

We grabbed our CMU’s (because, why not??) and YHC explained how it was very important for the PAX to keep their cores tight on this first Mary Exercise.

*CMU Curls! IC x50
(That’s 100 more for those counting at home, kids. PhP cut this short from the regularly scheduled 100 IC once all PAX had to modify / rest on his blistering count.)
*American Hammers w/ CMU in proper U-S-A Cadence x20

9 PAX, No FNG’s (but the 2nd Post for Epcott – T-CLAPS brother!)
Jasmine bedazzled us with his normal seductive dance, and maintained the ManeChain (we’re not worthy).

The Word I received this Sunday at Grace Community Church in the Forrest!

Romans 8:31 – “What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”

For those who are in Christ, we are an un-defeat-able people! We will face trials and suffering in this life, as all mankind does. But if our hope is in the LORD then death merely dispatches us to glory. This too shall pass. So serve, love, work, and suffer well. Your everlasting joy is secure in God’s hands. He is FOR you!

This Smokefest brought to you by the Ghost of Gus’s 2 year F3 Birthiversary Past at OF. Some day I’ll write that BackBlast too. Just not today…

Bombay coming in strong with my new post-BC fave, the group pic on the timer, selfie side up!
T-CLAPS to Reboot who had a Billy Blanks CMU (PAX BOLO for Old School, heavier-than-normal CMU. PhP must have!)
Bootheel was the hardest one to smoke on the CMU Curls! Got me all fired up!
Backseat, Bombay, and Nature Boy were machines during BOMBS!

PLC had ~88% ROI. Wasted my last Quills immaculate Pot of Joe brought back from the Butcher VQ in L’ville on these fine Gents.

Casual talk during PLC about GrowRuck. It’s finna be AMAZE-BALLS! Get on the hype train HIM. You don’t want to miss this one F3 MEM PAX!
Definitely, anything else that should have been announced, was basically, more or less, announced…
(In spirit)