January 27, 2021

The Bauer BC Number 6

Cool and snowy, temperature around 34 degrees. Bauer Q number 6, 1-15-2021.



Daisy Pickers IC 15, Imperial Walkers IC 15, Arm Circles IC 10, forward and reverse.
3 sets each: 10 Merkins, 20 Squats, 30 SSH. 3 sets each: 10 BBS, 20 LBC, 30 Flutter Kicks. Mosey to the fountain parking lot. Set of 11’s: Air Squats and mountain climbers. 25 SSH. 3 sets each: 10 wide-arm merkins, 20 dips, 30 calf raises. 3 sets each: 10 diamond merkins, 20 mountain climbers, 30 SSH. Mosey down past the stables and then back to Startex.

25 SSH, WW1 Situps 12 IC, Dying Cockroach 12 IC, Box Cutters 15 IC, 1 Minute Planks.

Slater, Hobo, Upgrade, Mama’s Boy, Orange Julius, Chef, Speaker, Paper Trail, Captain Obvious, Cantore, Cheezsteak, Paper Cut, Ricky Bobby, Lochte, Landline, Moneyball, Evan Almighty, Caveman, Tremor, Matlock.

The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday

January 14

“Understanding at last that you have something in you more powerful and divine than what causes the bodily passions and pulls you like a mere puppet. What thoughts now occupy my mind? Is it not fear, suspicion, desire, or something like that?”—Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 12.19

Think of all the interests vying for a share of your wallet or for a second of your attention. Food scientists are engineering products to exploit your taste buds. Silicon Valley engineers are designing applications as addictive as gambling. The media is manufacturing stories to provoke outrage and anger.

These are just a small slice of the temptations and forces acting on us-distracting us and pulling us away from the things that truly matter. Marcus, thankfully, was not exposed to these extreme parts of our modern culture. But he knew plenty of distracting sinkholes too: gossip, the endless call of work, as well as fear, suspicion, lust. Every human being is pulled by these internal and external forces that are increasingly more powerful and harder to resist.

Philosophy is simply asking us to pay careful attention and to strive to be more than a pawn. As Viktor Frankl puts it in The Will to Meaning, “Man is pushed by drives but pulled by values.” These values and inner awareness prevent us from being puppets. Sure, paying attention requires work and awareness, but isn’t that better than being jerked about on a string?

Impressed by all the men who came out and participated! Thanks to Hobo for organizing this awesome challenge, proud of those who completed the full 24 hours. Glad to see Mama’s Boy out there!


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