January 19, 2021

The Bauer 8:00-9:00pm (Workout #3)

Energy was palpable.  PAX were ready to work.  This was only Workout #3, so there was excitement in the air.  Weather was nice a cool, a perfect evening for a good ole fashioned BC beatdown.  I didn’t know what to expect, but was prepared for anything.  My weinke slightly resembled what any other Friday night would look like:  getting ready to go out, meet up for some cocktails, dinner, find a place to chill for an after dinner drink.



  • All the below done in Cadence:
    • SSH x 15 (Rabbit commented on my new shoes.  Hoka Challenger ATR 5.  On sale at REI Outlet)
    • Daisy Picker x 10 (Wheezer was impressed with the pace)
    • Imperial Squat Walker x 10 (didn’t realize how uncoordinated many of the PAX of F3 Memphis are)
    • Merkin x 10


  • Ease into the evening with some pre-dinner cocktails.  Usually a Manhattan or Beer, thus:
    • 11’s (Grass:  Mtn Climbers (2 is 1) / Burpee)
  • Dinner time – some felt like were were at Applebees
    • Tennis Courts were dark (closed), so we did these in the parking lot.  4 corners:
      • American Hammers (2 is 1) x 7 (run to next)
      • Spiderman Merkins x (2 is 1) 14 (side shuffle to next)
      • Monkey Humpers x 21 (back-pedal to next)
      • Alternating Shoulder Taps x (2 is 1) 28 (side shuffle to start)
    • We were still hungry, so we did these 2x
  • Time for an after dinner drink
    • Burpee Mile (Indian Run / 7 Burpees)
    • Because of the number of PAX, we split into 2 groups.  Ran down to the end of the road via Indian Run, did 7 burpees, then Indian Ran back up – 7 more burpees.  Rinse/repeat 2x.  Just over a mile.  Heart-rates were elevated…

Lots of various exercises:  Dying Cockroaches, Freddie Mercury, Flutter Kicks, Pickle Pounders, and some Aww-Yeahs.  All done in Cadence, and about 15 each

25 PAX – no FNG.  See pic in Bauer for documentation of who was there

Get a physical.  Friend just diagnosed with Leukemia – feels extremely healthy.  We’re all healthy – but a physical and blood panel annually is a wise thing.  So is a prostate exam – had to be there!

Loved being a part of the Bauer.  Loved being able to lead 25 PAX.  It was good to meet a bunch of folks I hadn’t ever met before.  They all seemed to enjoy the workout – some had never done a Spiderman Merkin, now they have.  TCLAPs to all those that helped put this event on!

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