January 1, 2021

“The Bauer”

What: 24 hours of Qs | Every hour on the hour | 45m workout, CoT/rest
When: Fri, Jan 15, 2021 @ 6PM – Sat, Jan 16, 2021 @ 6PM | 2F following
Where: “Blazing Saddles” | C.O. Franklin Park | 7725 Poplar Pike, Germantown TN, 38138

Start the year out strong and come out to push your limits by attending several workouts (3+) during the event. The Q schedule has been finalized and is remaining a mystery: bring yo’ big boy pants because it’s gonna be work!

The event is open to ALL men! Bring your friends/co-workers out to a workout or few. What better way to start out the 3 day weekend than by staying up late and working out more than ever before?

There will be several men attempting 12+ hours of workouts and they are going to be absolutely gassed. It will be important for them to hydrate and stay fueled and it would be incredible if we could get some volunteers to bring waters/coffee/food. Check out SignUp Genius for an opportunity to serve in this way.

Man of the Match award to the man who can complete the most workouts. A live leaderboard will be displayed here.

Blazing Saddles was chosen because of its many great amenities: 50+ individual covered pull-up bar, covered pavilion with bathrooms and power outlets, and plenty of parking.

3rdF Fundraiser for The Bauer
We will be raising funds during The Bauer for two great non-profits in Memphis:

SOS Memphis (www.sosmemphis.org) – SOS exists to glorify God by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ in underserved neighborhoods through home repair and leadership development.

Streets Ministries (www.streetsministries.org) – STREETS Ministries, through the love of Jesus Christ, engages, encourages, and equips youth to achieve their potential by realizing their God-given purpose.

PAX can donate to these causes through the F3 Foundation.

Each organization will receive points on the following scale:
1 point for every PAX who posts. Multiple posts per PAX IS allowed.
5 points for every FNG who posts. Standard rules apply, must finish the workout. After a FNG is named, subsequent posts during the event only count as 1 point.

Streets Ministries will receive points for all even hours (2am, 4pm) throughout The Bauer; SOS Memphis will receive points for all odd hours (1am, 3pm) throughout the event.

The organization with the most points at the end of The Bauer will receive 60% of all funds raised. The other organization will receive 40% of all funds raised.