May 20, 2019

The Barracks

THE SCENE: Doesn’t matter


SSH x20; Prisoner Squats x10; Tempo Merkins x10

Quick, 200m ruck to the pull-up bars. Some guy was there doing pull-ups ‘n’ stuff with his dog. I prefer human company. 

Circuit 1:
Five, 90 second rounds of: 5 pull-ups; 5 dips; 7 split squats (each leg) – PAX were given the option to wear their ruck. All declined.

Quick ruck back to the launching pad. 

Circuit 2:
PAX paired up. Cones were set out about 10 yards apart. P1 performed lat pull-throughs with a 60# sandbag. P2 overhead carry two rucks, then crawl bear back, dragging a ruck in each hand. Flip flop until 100 cumulative pull-throughs (100 each arm). Teams continued the circuit until all groups completed their 100 reps. YHC was flying solo and underweight, but suffered plenty. 

Quick ruck back to pull-ups bars.

Two sets of: ruck high pulls x10; ruck curls x10

Two sets of: inverted rows x10 – on the dip bars. These were done in a modified cadence – up on 1, slowly down on 2-3-4. Terrible.

Core work: Two minutes AMRAP sit-ups, feet under dip bar apparatus; ruck-to-shoestrings x10; weighted bridge march x10; ruck-to-shoestrings x10; weighted bridge march x10

Ruck back to launching pad, stopping for 5 pull-ups along the way.

Back at the pad, hold boat pose for one minute until 0615.

Seven PAX: Blart, Bookworm, Shoestring, Trooper (RESPECT RESPECT!), Tomb Raider, Soybean (QIC), Hitch

YHC reflected on the movie Up, which you should watch if you haven’t. I can often focus on life’s regrets, missed opportunities, or dreams that seem too far out of reach. None of us are where we are by accident. Embrace and live in where God has placed you, what he’s called you to do, and who he has called you to serve.  

Another great morning at the Barracks. Seeing Trooper bang out the 5 pull-ups at the end was awesome! T-Claps! Great to see Tomb Raider back at the Barracks. His precious locks may not be long for this world! 

Memorial Day party next Monday – 5am Murph; 6am workout; 7am ruck, followed by COT and PLC. Don’t miss it!