October 3, 2018

The Back in High School Parade at the Berm

THE SCENE: It was a pretty foggy and dim morning where barely any light broke through during the workout because as the sky became visible, it was shown to be an overcast morning.

25 Side straddle hops, ran around the building, 25 more side straddle hops

Circuit work out. We ran around the track for a mile and every quarter mile we stopped and did a different work out.

  • 1st stop – 12 pull ups while your partner does Mercans nonstop 2x
  • 2cd stop – 2x hand stand pushups burnout
  • 3rd stop – 25 burpees, 25 Big boy crunches

We then ran to the soccer field and did a sprint to the other end. Then, we bear crawled the whole field. Then, we did another sprint the whole field.
One set of Guantanamo Bay. (everyone raises legs 6 inches in a circle and one person gets up and pushes  legs to the ground where they must resist and everyone follows until every person has gone.)
19 PAX, no FNGs.
Rest- I shared how the past few weeks I had been struggling with rest. I tend at times to forget to let the Lord minister to me so I can enter a time of rest and remember that it is the Lord who fights for me and I don’t have to myself. When I don’t take the time to be still with God, I become anxious and try to control everything which is why the Lord commands us to rest. To remember that He is God, not us. So my challenge was for us to remember that the Lord is our inheritance and He should be everything we need for us to have rest and peace. Make sure you are taking time as Jesus did to walk in the rhythm of time with the Father and being engaged with the world. Don’t be overwhelmed and take time to rest in the Lord’s presence.
I was very proud of how everybody pushed themselves and stuck with me for my first Q.
No announcements that I know of.