July 31, 2018

The Annex Iron Pax Pretrial

THE SCENE: Not too wet, Not too dry, Not too hot.
F3 WELCOME & Disclaimer :


SSH IC X20, Daisey pickers IC x15 (slow count) , arm circles IC 10xs forward n back

  • Iron pax preview. 25 hand release merkins, 100yd bear crawl, 25 hand release merkins, 100yd bear crawl.
  • Mosey to the pavilion for some amrap Aiken legs. 20 squats, 20 box jumps, 20 lunges (10each leg), 20 plank Jacks. Was supposed to be for 6min…. Yhc set the timer for 6 hrs…..
  • Mosey to church hill for some quadraphilia. Sprint down the hill forward, sprint up backward. Was supposed to be for 4 min….. Yhc set timer for 4 hours. (much griping) (we were supposed to repeat these 2 exercises 2xs…. But we were hitting time)
  • TAG. Partnered up. 20sec to tag partner. If you were tagged or unable to tag (the loser) 10 merkins while the next group went. Few rounds.
  • Everyone did 5 merkins for fun (slots tangled himself in the swings) then enjoyed a meandering all you got follow the leader run to the flag.

1min of SSH
Slots, Billy Blanks, Meter Maid, Speedy (q)
Vision as one of the core driving principles of leadership.
It’s hard to type on mobile.

Billy Blanks can’t get enough bear crawls as he opted KNOWINGLY to participate in the iron pax twice in a row. Kudos

Meter Maid came with ruck in hand and wore that joker for most of the workout (beastly). Kudos.

Slots came with a 100ft. Rope so we could accurately gage the bear crawl. (I believe this was more so people wouldn’t 2nd guess his performance the way they did during the army fitness extravaganza.) kudos.

The Annex……. Where everyone chips in.

Go ruck was discussed.

City Ruck was also discussed. August 1