July 10, 2018

The Annex Country Club

THE SCENE: it was a gorgeous morning. The goose field was freshly mowed, and the air was almost drinkable.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: not paid, not paying, not professional, please modify my stupid workouts if needed, know your own limits. 

IC 25x SSH,    IC 15x Shoulder Taps,    IC 10x Arm circles (forward and backward),    OYO Usain Bolt 45’s with jump squats (this is the Dova, we’re here to exercise)


A portable disk golf goal had been stategically placed among the pine trees many many many yards away on the opposite part of the park. Each pax selected his own disk and we got to work.

There was no par and the rules were simple. The first throw cost 5 burpees, with each additional throw costing an additional 5 burpees. If you threw past the goal you owed 10x mountain climbers in addition to the burpees, if your disk struck any part of the goal or “goal flag” without entering the net you owed 20 squats in addition to the burpees. As pax finished they were allowed to help others complete burpees, however each individual was responsible for his own incurred penalties.

Once all were in we moseyd to a different part of the park for a rinse and repeat.

IC 20x LBCs, (Roomba) IC 10x OH Yeahs, (Slots) IC 15x arm reaching toe touches that were horrible, Capt. Obvious IC 15x Hello Dolly
FAB 4. (in order of appearance) Slots (oddly early) , Capt. Obvious, Roomba, and Speedy on Q.
Yhc recently “won” a disagreement with the wife over something I viewed to be rather trivial. I was only looking logically at the situation and was more interested in being “right” (for once) more so than addressing her feelings, opinions, and needs. The larger picture being alot of other stuff which had recently piled up on her plate which I was not helping with. For a lot of us the most important and influential relationship we have is with our wives and family. Step up and check in with your significant other. See if there is anything you can take off their shoulders. We were made to do hard things, not be comfortable.

Bananateria was enjoyed by all.
It was great seeing all the Dova guys come out. Capt. Obvious giggles at my cadence. It’s been a long time since I have tossed a disc and I underestimated the amount of burpees we would potentially be doing. The decision was made to do a burpees ladder capping at 20 and working back down and up again if necessary for times sake. 2nd hole we capped at 15. I’ll have to work on the golfing day workout so we can get a few more “holes” in. I thought distance was what would make it work, however it was fun to walk a few paces away and let the penalties fly.
Grow ruck.