November 26, 2019

The 2019 Annex Turkey Shoot

THE hunting SCENE:

Mostly Cloudy It said 53° but it feels like: 35° 85% humidity Winds SSE 12 mph

I was told it was going to be shorts weather, but it wasn’t. I may have to give refunds to everyone who booked this hunting trip.


I am clearly unprofessional and take all the blame for the chaos that this hunting party is about to endure. Yes, I was stalling. After some tardiness from various parts of our Hunting party (I’m not calling Tremor late-you can do that if you feel bold enough to stare into the eyes of the man who pushes the Earth away with each Merkin), the official legal verbiage was communicated loudly. I’m now confident that I am covered when one of these PAX get shot in the back Dick Cheney style. I welcomed everyone, heck I even welcomed the crazy-driving-Annex-Walking-Ladies (SEE I AM FRIENDLY-stop harassing me Speedy!) Preliminary details about today’s Turkey hunt were given and the PAX were eager to get on with the “2019 ANNEX, Some Sponsor We Don’t Know, Memorial Turkey Hunt and PLC”.

• Turkey Hops (SSH IC x 20)
• Turkey Wing Flaps (Arm circles 10f / 10b with some added bird flappin)
• Turkey Daisy Pickers IC x 10 (do it slowly, do it ducimo)

• Imperial Turkey Trot Walkers IC x ? (who knows? we did these in a circle a couple of times while more hunters joined the party.)
• Turkey Trot/Mosey around the parking lot a couple times until Sonic finally got up to speed.

With the entire hunting party now in place, it was time to do the admin work. Everyone needed a hunting license if they are going to hunt. So:
• 10 Burpees to pay the man.
Then we had to travel to the hunting grounds so:
• Sprint to Lightpole #1 Do 10 Merkins
• Sprint to Front Sign (NOT the other sign with the park rules that Speedy seems to like-“oh the one by the street”. Yeah that big one!)
• More Turkey Hops (SSH x20)
Not quite to the mythical hunting lands yet:
• Sprint down the sidewalk to the next Streetlight… yeah this is where I started yelling at PAX. But in my defense it was Gomer. And he was running off like he knew where he was going. Spoiler alert, he didn’t.  So we stopped and did 30 BBS.
• He sees me/I’m down (with spiderman crawls) all the way across the hunting plains to our hunting blind.
Taking our shots:
• Down the hill at the Luthern church we started “firing” by doing a merkin with a “BANG” jump. Then a bear crawl up the hill to our “target” where one “Gobble” or “boom” jumpsquat was a hit. Lunge walk back down hill to reload. Your shotgun holds 4 rounds.
Collecting the Birds:
• Mosey to Playground and pay 5 pullups, 10 merkins, 20 BBS
Like a typical hunting party this is where the Mumblechatter hit a high… Iceberg totally body slammed Sonic for his fake news posting of miles, there were the standard complaints about Grimace’s Tires.. and some banter about why anyone would pick OP, YHQ and Turkey day to take the 345 challenge – way to go big on that one Bootheel!
We repeated until the game warden showed up (middle of x3) and we scurried away like rats because I didn’t actually have my hunting license.

Mary MARY Cranberry:
Goes great with Aunt Bethany’s dressing.

We had 8, Choker! 8! or 17 your choice. Speedy AOQ of the finest hunting lands ever, Iceberg,  Sonic, Gomer, Tremor the great Earth Pusher, DHL, Bootheel the 345 pilgrim, and YHQicTurkeypoacher for the day. 

The ANNEX is a bunch of Turkeys

Turkey Speedy with the selfie, Turkey Iceberg, Turkey Bootheel, Turkey Gomer, Turkey Tremor, Turkey GunShow, Turkey DHL, and Turkey Sonic.


I am thankful for F3Memphis! This year I am grateful to all the PAX who come workout with us. The accountabillity we have with each other makes me want to get out of bed and push myself to get better. We have done some stupid stuff together. I am truly grateful for all the men of F3 and the fellowship we have. Yes we all give each other a hard time but it is because we truly like each other and want to push each other to be the best we can be. So yeah we really do treat each other like brothers. I told the PAX to be nice with their family this week… was really looking at myself. Errbody have a great Thanksgiving!


“As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly”


GOBBLE Gobble:
Announcements are for births and deaths, I’m just selling sunshine!
Bootheel is pushing the pain threshold and doing a 20lb TURKEY SIZED 345!  Oh, we also have a Gomer VQ next tuesday. And note to self – the new fangled website form does not always save your BB from when you made it all up 3 days in advance.

Workout Date: