January 19, 2021

the 19th hour




20 ssh

15 forward arm circles

15 backward arm circles

15 overhead claps

15 daisy pickers

20 ssh


Mosey from flag down the street and back, about 100 yards total.

Partner up. Grab 1 CMU per team and mosey to horse stalls.

While one partner performs following exercise, other partner runs about 50 yards out and 50 yards back. Here are the exercises:

20 chin-ups

40 bonnie blairs

60 burpees

80 box jumps (CMU jumps)

100 CMU curls

Once each team finished, I had them coordinate with other teams to help them finish.

Once all in, I had all PAX do the exercises all over again, but this time switch who starts with the exercise and who starts with the run. This gives each PAX a chance to perform all the exercises.

Once each team finished, I had them coordinate with other teams to help them finish.

Mosey back to the flag for a long Mary.

Mary (all in cadence):

30 seconds wall-sits

20 CMU overhead presses in cadence

30 seconds wall-sits

Called on some PAX for Dealer’s Choice for the remaining 2-3 mins. Cannot remember which exercises we did here.

PAX. Upgrade (QIC), Beauty Shop, Hello Kitty, Hobo, Landline, Matlock, Paper Cut, Ricky Bobby, Slater


There were a couple things I kept at the forefront of my thoughts during Bauer to help me to keep going. It was really a mixture of influence from Beauty Shop and Hobo.

In Beauty Shop’s 75 Hard thing, one of the things you check off your list every day is reading 10 pages. I used to see reading as this daunting task. I would open up a 300 page book and just see that it’s a 300 page book, and it would overwhelm me. In high school, I was told to go to a learning center after-hours to improve my reading comprehension because my ACT/SAT scores suffered from it, so reading has always been a struggle for me. Beauty Shop’s 10-pages-a-day thing has changed the way I view reading. I am now 190 pages into a 300 page book and it hasn’t been difficult whatsoever. I actually look forward to reading every night.

After Hobo annihilated the pre-selection, he Qd at Mothership and gave some great advice during his COT. He said that during pre-selection, what kept him going was not focusing on the entire thing, but focusing on trying to get through the next minute or hour.

During Bauer, I took this approach and it was very helpful. I told the PAX during my COT, This approach isn’t only helpful for something like 24 hours of Bauer or pre-selection, but you can apply it to your job or parenting. You don’t have to bog yourself down with thinking about your entire career ahead of you, but what could you do this week or month in your jobs that might level you up in some way?

I was strategic about placing my Q at the 19th hour, because I knew it would be far enough from the end where quitting might be on my mind, but not too far from the end where if my Q gives me a boost of energy, that boost might push me through the rest of the 5 hours. This was mostly the case. I definitely got the Q high and felt amazing during this 19th hour. I was running faster and performing the exercises with better form than I had in the previous 12 hours or so, but also – my left arm gave out on the 24th hour.

I kept going back and forth that morning about if I should change my Q up and make it easier, but someone screamed “Don’t be soft!” at me when I told them that. So I chose to not be soft. I told myself I wouldn’t just simply try to exist within the workouts for 24 hours, but that I would be out there getting after it with as much murderous energy as I could possibly give. I wouldn’t exactly say my energy was “murderous” the whole time, but when I felt like I was being half-ass about my form or my effort-level, I would look over at Paper Cut and see the passion just glowing off him like a radiant sun shines on a flowing brook (like my poetry?) and I would try to grunt harder on my next Merkin to show I’m a monster too! I would look at Hobo with this look of seriousness on his face, as if he was just meditating over the exercise and bulldozing through time. I would look over at Ricky Bobby’s side straddle hops and get a good laugh that was well-needed to fight off my dark thoughts, and after his grimacing through the SSHs, I’d look at him continuing to toss sandbags like it’s an Olympic sport and he’s going to win it for America. I’d look at Slater who could’ve dropped out before my Q because his knees were starting to buckle out from under him, but he chose to stick around and support me on my Q because that’s what Slater seems to be all about ~ offering support. And Lochte was constantly making me giggle and pushed himself literally to his limits, his headache blurring his vision so badly that he couldn’t even stand up.

I barely knew most of these men before Bauer, and there is still so much we don’t know about each other, but this event was a great jumpstart to what I think will be lifelong friendships. When you go through something like this with other men, you feel like you’ve really attacked something together. There is no one PAX for himself out there. You’re all out there together, growing together, deepening your relationships with God together, strengthening your faith together, and building mental toughness together.

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