May 15, 2018

…that time it sounded like 2 bombs went off during COT/prayer

THE SCENE: Tobey Park, Field #3; humid, warmer
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER : completed.

  • SSH x 25
  • 2 laps around bases with jog from home to first; sidestep from first to second then second to third and jog from third to home
  • 2 laps of Hopscotch (2 foot hop) back and forth over chalk line from home to 1st; 1 leg hop from first to second then alternate leg second to third and 2 leg hopscotch from 3rd to home
  • 2 laps: Backpedal around bases
  • 4 laps: sprint single then jog rest of bases, sprint double then jog rest of bases, sprint triple then jog rest of bases; sprint homer
  • Daisey Pickers x 15
  • Windmills x 15

“9 Innings”

Pax (total of 8) split into pairs.  One partner would start at home plate and complete the following exercises at each base:

  • Home: Mountain Climbers x 15
  • First: CMU curls x 15
  • Second: Mercans x 10
  • Third: LBCs x 20

The other PAX would run a lap around the perimeter of the baseball field.  If either one finished before the other, he would hold plank until his partner finished his lap.  Then the PAX would switch.  We did this for 2 rotations and I decided to change format where one partner started at home and the other partner started at second and the infield routine continued.  If your partner caught up to you, you were assessed 10 penalty Mercans.

Extra Innings: Finished with a 2 lap Indian Run


  • Big Boy Sit Ups x 20
  • J-LO x 10 (held plank for 15 seconds) then x 10 more
  • Boxcutters x 15
  • Big Boy Sit Ups x 10
  • Freddie Mercury x 31
  • Cobra stretch x 30 seconds


  • 8 PAX (no FNGs)
  • Pirtle, Four Eyes, Mothballs, Teacher’s Pet, Bruce, Toms, Sir Mix A Lot, Bottomless (Q)


  • “MASCOT”: A symbol of a something rather than the something itself.
  • Reflected on challenge from Goldilocks at OF on 5/14 related to our own desires of our heart to know the Lord and seek him and to maintain the fire that the Lord has started within each of us.  Discussed how the MASCOT is a shell of who he was made to be and that we are made for more intentional and purpose driven lives
  • ACRONYM: HOW + GOD = reduction in EGO
  • HOW (Honesty, Openness, Willingness): To avoid being the MASCOT, we have to be open and honest about where we are and be willing to change
  • GOD (Good Orderly Direction): This is the way you want for your life…walk in it.  Concept of discipleship and importance of second F.  Importance of identifying HIM that you can have relationship with and be challenged by.
  • EGO (ego or Easing God Out): the things we do to move ourselves away from God and/or the things we do to elevate ourselves as God of our own lives.  These are false fronts that we use to impress, fool, trick, pretend and manipulate.  HIM are always looking to reduce and eliminate these characteristics.
  • Finished reading Ephesians 4:20-25: “….Therefore, having put away falsehood, let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another.”
  • Prayers: Bruce’s friend Hunter who is struggling with addiction and experienced his second heroin overdose; Tom’s for strength today on what would have been his 8th wedding anniversary.
  • 2 loud explosions occurred during the prayer accompanied by a near, if not complete, F’bomb drop by one unnamed PAX.  Gun shots? Transformer explosion(s)? Maybe just the Spirit?  Should have looked for those tongues of fire.

This was my second Q and I was appreciative for everyone that came out.  The PAX effort was excellent and I do feel like everyone was getting better by being there this AM.  Looking forward to participating and leading in the future when needed.

Four Eyes: Doughnuts and Coffee afterwards for those that weren’t concerned about how dirty they were

Bruce with announcement related to a Pancho’s Ruck that is happening on Saturday May 19th…reach out to him on Slack if interested