October 5, 2017

That morning when the PAX played Capture the Flag on the Cap’n Merkin Mile

AO:The Berm

QIC: O Positive

PAX: Snookie, Oz, Phat Pat, Toms, Shoestring, Abacus, Lipton, Mama’s Boy, Tiny, Sparky, C-Lo and O Positive; 2 FNG: Situation and Nomad (Respect)

CONDITIONS: Dark and humid in the low 60’s



•SSH x20 IC
•Merkins x10 IC
•Imperial Walkers x20 IC
•High Knees x10 IC
•Seal Jacks x20 IC

*Mosey around the parking lot

“Capture the Flag-this ain’t no Hunger Games” (To promote some intra-PAX competition whilst leaving no PAX to survive on his own)

YHC had the PAX count off ‘1,2’ then separate into 2 groups. After describing the rules and overall objective the PAX got after it.

•At YHC’s command Group 1 veered left and moseyed clockwise around the 1-mile track while Group 2 veered right and moseyed counter-clockwise around the same track
•Upon either Group completing 1 mile and the accompanying exercises, locate the hidden F3 Shovel Flag somewhere on the property then sprint to ‘capture the flag as a group’ before the other group did the same.

•As a group, run 1st .25 of a mile and locate hidden envelope with instructions on the qty, exercise and sequence. Perform said exercises as a group, Al Gore until ‘all in’…then run to .50 mile and do reps…then to .75 mile and do reps and finish the 1.00 mile mark and final reps.

Group Work: 7 PAX/Group (All reps were divided by 7)
>Run .25 mile then perform 100 Burpees
>Run .50 mile then perform 200 Lunges
>Run .75 mile then perform 300 SSH
>Run 1.00 mile then perform 400 Squats
*Al Gore until ‘all in’

The Finish:
•Sprint to the Flag

Awards Presentation:
•Group 1 won by a ‘hair’ so Group 2 sought the counsel of Cap’n Merkin. His decision: Group 2 had to perform 10 Merkins OYO. The men of Group 1 even performed the 10 Merkins as a sign of solidarity. Brothers.

*s-l-o-w mosey back to starting point

YHC and the PAX did Hill Runs ‘suicide ladders’ of increasing distances: 15 times up hill…15 times down…wall sit until ‘all in’

•LBC x20 IC
•Jane Fonda (R) x20 IC
•Jane Fonda (L) x20 IC
•Box Cutters x10 IC
•Box Cutters x10 IC (Reverse)
•Plank 20seconds IC



>YHC spoke of the ‘flag’ representing Salvation. Reminding the PAX that Salvation is a Gift and Grace is Free. But reminding the PAX that Paul said to ‘run a strong race and finish well’. The men of F3 Memphis did just that. Leaving no man behind and no man the same. YHC challenged the PAX to be intentional and put in Daily disciplines, including reading the Word while challenging the PAX to step up and lead future work-outs. Finished with the BOM by lifting PAX prayer requests up.

*A strong PAX came eager to go full-out and play a child’s game while quickly learning F3 Memphis is not child’s play. We had fun. We worked. Welcome: Nomad and Situation (ironically both transplants from NJ). AYE!