November 25, 2020

thanksgiving week at berm

rainy but not cold?

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER short but sweet


Daisy Picker IC 12

Imp. Walk IC 15

Partner up – as one does lap around building, other does exercise, each team collectively reaching 100 reps of CMU curls.

Mosey to gym.

Elevator. Run to 5th pole. At each pole, do LBCs, increasing the rep count at each pole, all the way from 5 to 10 to 15 to 20 to 25, and then back down 25 to 20 to 15 to 10 to 5 on the way back.

Mosey back to startex.

Partner up again. As one does lap around building, other does exercise, each team collectively reaching 150 reps of Overhead Presses.

Mosey back to gym for two rounds of 11s.

1st round – run about 10 yards to tree in between exercises: calf raises and hand-release Merkins. Start out with 10 calf raises.

2nd round – run about 25 yards to lightpole in between exercises: squats and lunges (2 is 1). Start out with 10 squats.

Dealer’s Choice.

Evan Almighty had us do 20 BBSUs OYO.

Mudpants had us do Freddie Mercuries IC.

Out of time.

8 PAX. Upgrade (QIC), Mudpants, Chef, Evan Almighty, Vengeance, Drifter, Millennial, Snookie

I’ve been going over Genesis lately, and studying Abram and Sarai. Sarai decides God was either wrong or she misunderstood him when he told her she would have a child. After years of waiting for this child to come, she decides to “take matters into her own hands” and has Abram sleep with her servant, Hagar. She brings much strife into their household, mostly between Hagar and Sarai. God shows Abram mercy and once again promises Abram that he will have descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky, that he won’t be able to count them. I feel like God gave Abram this image (the stars in the sky), because it’s something he can see every night before he goes off to bed, and it is a constant reminder of God’s promises for him. As we go into Thanksgiving, count your blessings and really look around you. God puts reminders of your blessings and His promises directly in front of your face.

Thanksgiving convergence at Berm tomorrow morning 0530. Check out the Berm channel in Slack for Laettner’s message detailing who’s bringing what and feel free to pitch in if you feel the need:
Here are the details on who is bringing what for tomorrow morning
Mudpants – Breakfast casserole
Tomb raider – Breakfast casserole
Ups – Two dozen donuts
Photoshop – donut holes and coffee
Lipton – breakfast casserole and coffee
Chef – Swedish pancakes and a shorter COT
Millennial – bourbon flavored coffee and maybe some real bourbon
Yard sale – cinnamon rolls and table
Evan Almighty- breakfast bacon and sausage
Laettner- coffee, plates, plastic wear, cups, table, hand sanitizer etc
Snookie – Cinnamon rolls
Shy Guy – apple cider and :fire:
Prince Ali – Coquito
Beauty Shop – waters

Upgrade – grapes and bananas

Please bring something to serve your dish with (and be prepared to serve it) so we can avoid everyone touching the serving utensils. Additionally, please bring your own coffee cup. Looking forward to the day fellas! Weather should be greater plan for 25 or so to attend!

Workout Date: