November 26, 2018

Thanksgiving Leftovers and Seconds

Dark and cold, like I like my Nitro.

Done did.

SSH x25 IC
Daisy Pickers x15 IC
Imperial Walkers x15 IC
Little Arm Circles x15 IC (each direction)

Midway through the WOR, a very bundled-up figure emerged from the walking path.  YHC paused the warmup to invite this stranger to join us, hopeful that 1) he would accept, and 2) that it was a dude.  He didn’t, but he was.  The gravelly-voiced sextuagenarian (RESPECT RESPECT) replied that he had been walking laps since 4am, but that he would see us on Thursday.

A few days ago we got fat on Thanksgiving dinner.  So this morning we got thin on LEFTOVERS.  1 minute AMRAP of each exercise below, with a .25 mile mosey in between each one.

L:  Lieutenant Dans
E:  *Elevated Merkins  (hands on park bench)
F:  Flutter Kicks
T:  Tempo Merkins
O:  Overhead Claps
V:  V-Ups
E:  *Elevated Merkins (feet on curb)
R:  Russian Twists
S:  Squats

*Yes, I know they are called “Irkins/Derkins”.  YOU TRY FINDING EXERCISES THAT START WITH THE LETTER E.

The only thing better than Thanksgiving leftovers is a second plate of them. So we set the AMRAP timer to 30 seconds and went through the list again (minus the mosey this time).

4 PAX: Choker (QIC), Soulja Boy, Tiger Lily, Tree Hugger

2.0s and their screen time is something my M and I have been struggling with for the last several months.  Whenever the kids have free time, their first choice is Netflix/Fortnite/Computer/iPad/etc.  There are several negative side effects to this: bad attitudes when it’s time to unplug, infighting among the siblings over whose turn it is for a given device, chores/homework getting short-changed, etc – not to mention the obvious detrimental effects of not enough exercise.

The 2nd F event last Friday came at the perfect time for me.  My M had a prior commitment, but I packed up the 2.0s and brought them to the park.  They were not enthused about the plan.  But after a few minutes of playing frisbee, they were practically transformed.  Playing together, laughing, having fun – it was a beautiful sight to see.  It became clear to me that I have done a terrible job of taking what F3 has given me and incorporating it into my family.  The event paid immediate dividends – Sunday afternoon when we got home from church, 2.2 asked me if I’d go outside and play catch with him.  I was shocked – he’s never asked that before.  We had a great afternoon.

Turn the devices off.  Go to the backyard and play with your kids.  They won’t realize they like it until they do.

I heart the NE Kingdom.

Prayers were lifted up for Josiah, 2.0 of Tiger Lily’s friends who underwent surgery this morning.

Go sign up for the Whetstone program.