November 28, 2020

Thank God for the Fleas

Crisp Thanksgiving morning


Welcomed and disclaimed, reviewed: credo, vision, 5 things
10 SHH, Daisy Pickers, ArmCircles, Metric Walkers
Speed feet (run in place and then do 5 squats rinse and repeat, one burpee thrown in for good measure)

The Chase: broke into two teams matching up for size/speed (Gobblers vs Giblets) and mosey up to the field after quick demo of some exercises)

Each team had to complete 1000 reps of Hand Relase Merkins, BBSU and Jungle Boi squats

The race. One man ran around the track trying to catch the man from the other team who started on the opposite corner. After going around the rectangle the next guy would go with the goal to catch the other team. While the PAX waited they would do the following exercises, switching each time someone finished a lap:

T – ee Merkins
H – urpee: Burpee with a Hand Release Merkin
A – BC’s
N – No Surrenders
K – Kraken Burpees (Burpee with three hand release merkins at bottom)
S – Steel Blades

Gobblers caught the Giblets twice assorted punishments/reward were handed out. Running was changed to backpedaling, bear crawls and/or shuffles depending on the whims of the Q. Returned to Start Ex for more HRM, BBSUs and other stuff

Giant round of Guantanamo Bay with two guys running around. It lasted for three minutes with Bailout telling me I needed to let the guys run as soon as touched. I refused.

Gus, Honey Boo Boo, The Dude, Yardsale, Bloomer, Evan Almighty, Jumpseat, Millenial, FNG (Hamlet), ExLax, Orange Tide, Rabbit, Chef, Pitts, Prince Ali, Caveman, Ups, Steinbrenner, Drifter, Vengeance, Photoshop, Shy Guy, Nature Boy, Duct Tape, Bailout, Tomb Raider, Paper Cut, Laettner, Snookie, Lipton, Beautyshop

It’s been a challenging year but we have much to be thankful for. Corrie ten Boom was a woman whose family hid Jews when the Nazis occupied their city. She and her family were eventually caught and sent to jail, then prison, then to a concentration camp where conditions were deplorable. Betsie constantly challenged her to be thankful in all things, just as the Lord commanded. It was the hardest when they were assigned to a barracks with fleas. Betsie challenged her to thank God for the fleas, which she did as an act of sheer obedience. Eventually, they did thank God for them as they realized it was the fleas that kept the guards away, allowing them to have sweet times of worship and fellowship. In all things we can give God thanks, for he knows everything.

A peaceful transition of power happened as Chef took over for AOQ M/W at The Berm. It’s been one year since I took on the role and have been thankful to see The Berm grow in fitness, fellowship and faith. We’ve even won some championships along the way!

We had an amazing spread of food, fire, firewater, and fellowship. F3 has been a huge blessing in my life and I’m thankful for all, even the men of the Blazing Saddles. 😉

Be Thankful!

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