June 29, 2020

Terrible Twostep

Welcome – where’s Beauty Shop? Checked Slack. Flat tire. No tire iron. Neighbor happens by with said tire Iron. BS does a NASCAR worthy tire change and makes it for last 10 min.

Daisy Pickers x 10, Arm Circles x 10 both ways, Windmills x 10 IC, Goofballs x 15 IC

Thang: Terrible Twostep
Step 1:
100 Derkins (Turtle Merkins for TR w/45lb) 25 x 4 rounds
150 Curls w/coupon (50/round)
200 – Overhead press w/coupon (50/round)
250 – Thrusters w/coupon
300 – Coupon Squats

Step 2 (between rounds of Step 1): Bears n Blocks/Bags or Sandbag throw 50ft, then Cusak weight back to start

Low Plank for last 2:00 of workout

CoR 3
NoR Tomb Raider, Beauty Shop, Photoshop

Right Place, Right Time

The story of Simon carrying Jesus’ cross for a short time has to be some of the best foreshadowings in the Bible. Little did Simon know that what he did would be referenced for thousands of years to come. He was probably there to see who this Jesus was and then unwillingly pulled into duty. A job that most of us would have loved to step into if given a chance.

Well, this was a model of what we are all called to do in our everyday life…pick up your cross and follow Jesus. Praise God, most of us will never have to experience what Jesus went through to get the point of carrying his cross. But we are called to pick up our cross. Let’s examine the process here:

It’s a cross! An object of ridicule and reserved for criminals to serve as an example to others of their punishment.

It’s heavy, and you’ll have to drag it to where you are going

It’s awkward, and there is no right way to carry it other than having all the weight digging into your shoulder.

It speaks to who you are. In the Bible, they were for punishment.

You may not feel like carrying it every day.

You may not like where you’re carrying it or what happens when you get there.

I wonder if Simon’s life was any different after he shared that experience with Jesus. Did he feel like he did something wrong? Something right? Did he seek out some of the disciples to find out more about this Jesus? Was he thankful it wasn’t him going to the cross?

I’d imagine we can all ask ourselves those same questions after experiencing Jesus in our own life.

I guess the best question to start with is, “were you in the right place at the right time?”
Uncommen Questions:
Have you picked up your cross?
How do you carry your cross?
How has it impacted your life?
Uncommen Challenge:

I’d challenge you to examine your role in carrying your cross. Do you do it out of obligation? Or out of reverence? Put your shoulder into it and carry it like you have a mission.

Scripture Reference:
Mark 15:21

Workout Date: