October 18, 2017

Tennis …”You’ve got to be kidding!”

AO:The Levee

QIC: O Positive

PAX: Escobar, Money Ball, Rabbit, Anklet, Pops, Billy Blanks, Woody, Nature Boy, F-150 and O Positive

CONDITIONS: Clear, crisp around 46 degrees



•SSH x20 IC
•Seal Jacks  x20 IC
•Windmills x20 IC
•Merkins x20 IC

*After some aimless chatter YHC led the sleepy-eyed PAX on a lil’ mosey

Evidence that YHC was working through his childhood issues as he was channeling his inner-John McEnroe (alter ego, perhaps), the PAX were in the midst of a gloomy clinic on the game of tennis. It was all downhill from here. Figuratively…not like literally downhill…it was a tennis court…like a real one. I digress.

Round 1:OYO

*PAX split up between 2 courts

•RUSH THE NET (sprint) from the baseline.

•CRABWALK in reverse back to baseline.

•RUSH THE NET (sprint) from the baseline.

•CRAWLBEAR in reverse back to baseline.

•RUSH THE NET (sprint) from the baseline.

•REVERSE LUNGE back to baseline.

*PAX rotated L>R and switched courts

Round 2: OYO


Round 3: OYO


*Short mosey: PAX assembled in circle and did SQUATS (Squatober….Hello!?!) to the tune of 100x IC while each member of PAX assisted in counting…1…2…3…in a circular rotation. You get the picture.

*Short mosey back into the cage that McEnroe built.

THE THANG (Part Deux): ‘15,30,40,Game’

OYO…PAX split up to cover 4 corners of each of the 2 courts. Suckfest continued as follows.

Whichever corner a PAX occupied determined his starting/ending point. Silence was deafening except for midwife noises and occasional Escobar impression of Johnny Mac.

Sequence was:

•1st corner (starting point)=15 Burpees

•Bear Crawl to next corner

•2nd corner=30 Merkins

•Bear Crawl to next corner

•3rd corner=40 Mountain Climbers

•Lunge to finish (return to starting point)

•Hold Squat until ‘all in’

•PAX sprinted E>W then W>E side fence to side fence x5 each way OYO

•Slight pause with Fence Sit until ‘all in’ for effect


Seeing that the men had met their match…YHC led PAX on final mosey to say hello to Mary.

•Hello Dolly x20 IC
•Box Cutters x20 IC
•Plank Release (Right hand) x20 IC
•Plank Release (Left Hand) x20 IC



>YHC spoke with the PAX about protecting others and ourselves when we choose to let only ‘good, wholesome and pleasing’ words flow from our lips. Referencing Paul’s words in Ephesians 4:29 and speaking from Proverbs 18 the message was clear that our words can tear down others just as easily as they can build others up. YHC challenged the PAX to choose the latter. Prayer requests were lifted up among the PAX.


*This morning the Levee became center court for a legendary  Grinder that rivaled the epic battles of yesteryear when McEnroe and Bjorg were the giants of the courts. Google: McEnroe and Bjorg.  Yeah…that was a long time ago, men. The PAX battled like Champions this morning and left it all on the asphalt.  Shots fired.  Sweat rings resembled chalk lines outlining lifeless bodies.  No man left behind.  No man left the same.  Aye!