July 25, 2018

Tender Cinders

THE SCENE: Weather was there
SSH IC x 20
Windmill IC x 20
Daisy Pickers IC x 15
Sideways Daisy Pickers IC x 15
Arm Circles IC x 20


Short Mosey over to the field. Planted two flags approximately 60 yards apart. PAX partnered up. We went back and forth between the flags.

First, all PAX bear crawl dragging a cmu. At the flag, partners did 50 combined cmu curls.
Bear crawl with cmu back. Plank until all in.

Partner carry to the flag, 50 merkins
Partner carry back, squats until all in

Wheelbarrow to the flag, 50 big boy sit ups
Wheelbarrow back, flutterkicks until all in

CMU chest throw, step up to cmu and do 5 merkins, repeats. 50 burpees.
CMU chest throw back, cmu shoulder press until all in.

The cmu throw has been included in several previous routines at the morg. Usually we’ll have one or two cmu casualties, so I carried an extra to the field just in case we needed it. Today one broke on the first toss, so they grabbed the spare. Another one broke on the second toss, so I ran to get the last extra out of my car. When I was running back to the field I saw another one die. It was as if the PAX all new what was coming next, and were determined to get out of it by destroying all the coupons. I was confused at first, but then recalled memories of previous times this had been done. It was mostly memorable because with each throw, the cmu would splash down, sending mud flying on any PAX that decided to get a few steps ahead. I trail of nice divots was left behind each of us. Today, however, the ground was less forgiving. At this point I think 5 of 14 cmu’s were still intact.

For the next part, PAX were instructed to hold their coupons with arms extended above their heads. They were to walk together to the gazebo across the park and back. All PAX would be penalized with body builders according to the number of times that a coupon was lowered to the head. In hindsight, this was much harder than I thought. Probably not best to do it immediately after AMRAP shoulder presses. The short story is that nobody made it all the way back. So we all did 30 8-count Body Builders IC.

Cobains to whoever shows up to empty the trash and finds a couple hundred pounds of concrete fragments in there.  Hope they double bagged it.


Ring of Fire – All plank while each PAX did 5 merkins
Flutterkick x 25
American Hammers x 25

That was all I had planned, so for the last 19 seconds we did stargazers.

Woodpecker, Part Timer, Gilligan, Choker, Wall Builder, Phat Pat, Orange Julius, Soulja Boy, Sleep Number, Carport, Giant, Flobee
I was recently reading a book about forests called “Forestry.” I was particularly instigued by a part about the structures that carry water up and through trees. Mainly how it differs between softwoods and hardwoods. It got me thinking about how aspects of nature get more amazing the more I learn about them, specifically the details of how things work. The more I understand, the more I’m able to see God’s hand as the designer and creator.  It reminded me of a phrase in a novel called “The Man who was Thursday.” It’s about a council of anarchists. In one of their debates, one uses the phrase “Chaos is dull.” To me, that speaks to the concept of beauty in the way God as intricately designed every aspect of this world and of us. Later in the book, the theme moves from anarchy in poetry and politics into anarchy in existence and creation. There is a scene where some of the characters are trying to capture the head of the anarchist council. They find out that he is going to be at a costume party, so they attend, thinking their disguises will allow they to get close to him. It turns out that the costumes they wear do not hide them, but reveal what their true identity is. Similarly, readers can be left with the idea that creation is not God, but it is like a mask that reveals him. One can look out over a mountain range, an ocean, or a starry sky, be in awe of it’s size, and be reminded of God’s vast love for all of us. The challenge is to find time immersed in nature, growing in appreciation and understanding of details of how He made it, to be reminded of his specific and intimate love for each of us.


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