May 8, 2019

Teeing it Up at the Old Forest

Arrived at 0415 for 4 miles of early ruckership with Soulja Boy.  It was dark, and neither of us had a working headlamp or knowledge of exactly how long the park trails were.  I was also keen to maintain my 46-year streak of not getting raped, so we opted to head out of the park and down Sam Cooper.

As we were returning to the park an hour later, another group of guys were returning from an early 2-mile run, getting those MayMilez in.  It pumped me up to see so many getting extra work in – these are the guys you need to lock shields with.

Did it extra loud so the 30% of the PAX who were still rolling in at 0530 could hear me.

SSH x20 IC
Daisy Pickers x15 IC
Little Arm Circles x10 IC (each direction)

F3 Golf:  a series of 5 minute sets, with 1 minute of rest in between.  Each set consisted of 2 exercises. The PAX would perform 12 reps of each exercise OYO, then 11 reps of each OYO, and so on until 5 minutes expired.  At the end of each round, each person’s score would be the lowest number of reps that were successfully completed for both exercises.  For example, if time expired while you were still working on 4 reps of exercise 2, your score for that round would be 5.  Lowest score at the end of the Thang wins.

I have Qd this workout a couple of times in the NE Kingdom, always with 6 or fewer in attendance.  With 19 PAX this morning, there was not enough time to record scores, so I omitted that part.  Cobains.

Set 1:  Merkins/BBSU
Set 2: CMU Curls/Flutter Kicks
Set 3: Burpees/WWI Situps
Set 4: CMU Presses/Freddie Mercuries
Set 5: Derkins/Squats
Set 6: CMU Tricep Extensions/Monkey Humpers
Set 7: Carolina Dry Docks/Imperial Squat Walkers

No additional Mary, but she was well taken care of throughout the Thang.

19 PAX: Bottomless, Choker (QIC), Costello (Kotters!), Crayfish, Dewey, Doc Hollywood, Easily Amused, Fishbowl, Handsy, Ice Cube, ISS, Jail Bait (IG), Low Note, MIB, Mudslide, One and Done, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Soulja Boy, Teacher’s Pet

From this week’s QSource:

Because of the Flux, all men have have their ups and downs. We spend some of our time on the mountaintop of our Faith-life, when we want to share our Joy with every stranger we meet. But we also have to slog through valleys of spiritual dryness, when all we really want is to be is left alone to lick our wounds.

Ironically, it’s those latter times (when Meeting is the last thing we want to do) that are the instances in which we most need to be there, so that we can share the strength of our Brothers who might just be on their own mountaintop. How much easier it is to reach up from the pit when a Brother is reaching down to meet us.

The article is talking about 3rd F Meeting, but it applies to all 3 Fs.  When I’m in a valley with my King and that alarm goes off at 0500, the last thing I want to do is get out of bed and go face those guys that are all Accelerating.  But when I do it anyway, those guys are always reaching down to meet me – even if they don’t know that’s what they are doing.  Post when you don’t want to – that’s when you need it most.  Just as importantly, post when you’re feeling good and don’t think you need it  – that’s when the other guys need you most.

I don’t visit the Old Forest often enough.  Great group of hard-working PAX!  Thanks for letting me bring my shenanigans to your AO.

Memorial Day Convergence at the Barracks